HPA 499 / LER 499 The Swedish Experience

Jönköping, Sweden

HPA 499/LER499, Human Resource Management and Healthcare in a Social Welfare Context: The Swedish Experience is offered as an embedded program together with Jönköping University in Sweden. Students also attend lectures at Gothenburg University and the Karolinska Institute. The embedded program is a Maymester course with two credits being offered during the spring and one credit for the study tour. The dates for the course are May 8-18, 2019. Students will need to make travel arrangements so that they arrive on Wednesday, May 8 and depart on May 18 when the course ends. (No overnight accommodations are made for May 18.) If students want to remain longer in Sweden, other arrangements will need to be made by the students. The Learning Objectives for this embedded program are for students to: 1) demonstrate knowledge of HRM applied in a range of organizations in a social welfare context; 2) Compare and contrast the institutional and cultural contexts of the U.S. and Sweden; and 3) Demonstrate intercultural competencies that can be applied throughout a later career life.

Sweden is a particularly interesting country for students to study from an HRM perspective as well as a healthcare perspective. The social welfare society stands in contrast to many of the approaches taken to HRM in the USA. It is also an ideal setting in which to study HRM from a healthcare perspective, again because of the interesting systems they have in place that differ from the US approach. Students spend time in Jönköping, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

Jönköping is a very attractive city of 130,000 people, located approximately midway between the two major cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden, allowing easy access for visits. It is a very historical area, famous for its matchstick industry! Jönköping University is based in the city center and is a highly international private university. It offers a three-year undergraduate human resource management program housed jointly in the School of Education and Communication and the School of Psychology. It also has a strong School of Health Sciences in which is housed the Institute of Gerontology.

Applications for 2019 have now closed. The application procedure is as follows: HPA students should email Dr. Diane Spokus at dms201@psu.edu with a one-page statement on why they are interested in taking this class. GPA should be 3.0 or higher. LER students, they should contact Dr. Mark Gough at mdg228@psu.edu. A maximum of 14 students are admitted, based on motivation for the class and academic achievement. Once all places are filled, no more applications will be considered.

Once a student is accepted on the trip, they will need to enroll under HPA 499/LER 499: Human Resource Management: The Swedish Experience to obtain the two-course credits in the spring and then again for the one-course credit in the summer. The costs of the trip can be discussed during individual appointments. In-country costs are paid by students as well as the cost of airfare. Students are encouraged to apply for the $1000 Commonwealth Scholarship which is based on financial need to help support their trip.  Please visit http://hhd.psu.edu/cms/hpa/sweden#.