RCL#4: Civic Artifact Speech Outline

Introduction: I have a bit of a problem. Whenever sprinting to class, I have a tendency to check my watch, somehow zone out while reading it, and then check my phone for the time. Considering this inefficient method of checking the time, I often wonder why I wear a watch. Of course, I don’t want to check my phone in the middle of class, but moreover, the weight of a watch on my wrist supersedes that. Simply wearing the watch instills a feeling of efficiency, of authority, of the duty I have to society in me and that is the true reason I wear a watch.

Thesis: Over the centuries watches have been present on the wrists of consumers, they have gone through a great evolution in terms of use and functionality, significance to the consumer, and the civic duty they evoke from the consumer.

Point 1: Development of the Wristwatch/Change in Use over Time

  • History from 1500s: large, bulky, had to wear around neck, not very accurate
  • Rising demands for practical watches during World War I, so pendant and pocket watches became obscure
  • Watches contributed both to fashion (gold plated/embellished watches and so on) as well to industry with the standardization of time, especially in consideration with train stations and similar industries
  • Evolved to become quieter, lighter, and smaller and continues to adapts to society’s needs, proven with the release of smart watches

Transition: With the increasing efficiency of watches over the years, they have come to represent that very value in many countries, alongside with the enormous fashion impact watches have.

Point 2:  Significance of Watches

  • Represent productivity and efficiency to many Northern European nations (especially Switzerland, where it’s a national symbol more or less), as well as the U.S.
  • Contributes to the commonplace “Time is money”
  • However, symbolizes a limitation to those who live a more “go with the flow” lifestyle, such as those in Southern Europe
  • Reflects the personality of the wearer due to the wide variety of watches available, allows wearer to express themselves in a practical manner
  • People who wear watches seem to have sophistication, authority, and control over their lives (especially in watch ads-lots of ethos!)

Transition: Given the eye-catching designs of watches presented in ads and the sheer number of watches available to the public, there is no surprise that many people buy watches for all sorts of purposes. Despite the different reasons, watches encourage a similar civic duty in all who wear them.

Point 3: Civic Duty Encouraged by Watches

  • Incorporate the consumer further into society by enforcing deadlines and serving as constant reminders of the flow of time
  • Encourages the consumer to push themselves even more for the betterment of society, which gives rise to new innovations
  • Smart watches in particular allow consumers many functions at their fingertips, encourages more efficiency in the work force and independency within their lives
  • Again, “time is money” saying, overall efficiency in society encouraged by watches

Conclusion: For a long stretch of time, watches were considered either timekeepers or fashion accessories, but since then, have branched out into many different fields and expanded on the civic duty it encouraged from consumers. Now more than ever, watches symbolize the constant innovations and development sweeping the planet and continue to push humans further by constantly reminding them of how much value time has. With the creation of smart watches, consumers will be able to complete so much more at a great efficiency, which is their civic duty.


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One thought on “RCL#4: Civic Artifact Speech Outline

  1. I love this speech idea! I think it’s really interesting that you picked a topic that most people don’t think of often but impacts everyone’s lives. I really enjoy the little anecdote you include about how put together you feel when you’re wearing a watch, despite the fact that you don’t even use it that often when you have your phone to pull out to check the time. I’m the same way! I wonder if this is just a generational thing, since we grew up in the age of electronics. Your speech is put together very well, and I think all of your subtopics and transitions are strong. Additionally, you tie in the civic theme very well so the speech is representative of the assignment. Well done! I can’t wait to hear your speech!

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