RCL #9: Ted Talk

Focusing on the implications of the shift on our generation and what’s to come out of this shift


  • How has technology rotted our minds away? Over the years, newer generations have supposedly become more narcissistic, at least in the perspective of those from a more conformist decade.
  • Talk briefly about 50s
    • Conformation as a result of Communism, don’t want to stand out
    • Nuclear family “propaganda”
    • Gender roles reestablished after war
  • 60s, civil rights rallies
    • Started the idea of the individual
    • People began to accept who they were (e.g. LGBTQ, women, people of color), set the playing stage for the boom in individualism in the next few decades
  • Snowballed to today
    • People more connected then ever
    • Gives rise to many new benefits
      • Growing middle class
      • Calling govts out more effectively
      • Personal benefits
  • Thesis: Through the empowerment of individuals over the years, our generation has altered technology and the workplace to show their own values, which will lead to further growth in individual efficiency, global development, and continue promoting the individual.

Effect of Technology on our generation as individuals & future uses

  • Technology is a major reason why individuals have as much power as they do today
  • Don’t need to rely upon others to accomplish things- Makes empowers individuals by giving them so much power at their fingertips
  • Shift in ideals over time; people more concerned with family and rights back in the day but due to a period of general peace, people have shifted their attention back onto themselves
  • Future: social media and technology will be more tied to individuals than ever (Smartwatch, anyone?, may cause a myriad of both problems and benefits, more connectivity and power to the individual

Our generation in the workplace/other professional places

  • Due to social media, want constant validation/feedback (source)
  • Growing up during Great Recession, generation Z is more cutthroat, want to get things done and move on (source)
  • Turnover in the workplace!
  • Expansion of middle class

Conclusion: make it memorable

Anecdotes? Something that relates to our generation

General info/research about generation z

One thought on “RCL #9: Ted Talk

  1. I think your TED talk will be very interesting. I think your audience (the class) will be very engaged in the talk as it is something they can relate to. I caution you not to let it become the stereotypical adult rant about how technology will be the destroyer of us all. I am very excited to listen/watch to your TED talk.

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