Presented by:
Melanie G. Snyder, OWDS, GCDF, MHFA
Director, RMO for Returning Citizens
Author, Grace Goes to Prison: An Inspiring Story of Hope & Humanity
TEDx: Breaking Out of Prison Thinking
Certified Trainer, SAMHSA, GAINS Ctr for Behavioral Health/Justice Transformation
Certified Facilitator, Seeking Safety, Treatment Innovations
Certified Practitioner, Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience (STAR), Eastern Mennonite University
2016-17 Baldwin Fellow: Trauma, Resilience & Trauma-Informed Communities

When Melanie first learned of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research, which proved strong connections between childhood trauma, addiction, mental illness and criminal justice system involvement, it fundamentally transformed her daily work with incarcerated people and those coming out of prison. It also gave her a new perspective on her own life, as the daughter of a mother who struggled for decades with addiction and mental health issues. Since then, Melanie has been on a mission to educate others about trauma, resilience, and healing, and to help move Lancaster County toward becoming a trauma-informed community.
April 6, 2018
12 noon
Room C2860

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