dellasega_cropped-8x10_086Whether you are a nurse or just curious, welcome!  This site was developed to share information about “the caring profession,” the Department of Humanities in the College of Medicine, and the humanities profession as it relates to health care.

I’m Cheryl Dellasega—a nurse, nurse practitioner and Professor of Humanities.  I’ve been told I may be the only nurse faculty in the United States who has a full time appointment in a standing department of humanities, but that may be the only unique thing about me. Throughout my years in academe, I’ve encountered many nurses who, like me, have a keen interest in and passion for the humanities.

Enjoy our content, and please contact me if you have feedback, questions, or concerns.

Humanities is a natural playground for all the health care disciplines. Creating poetry, reading pathographies, discussing ethics, and making beautiful art are all a neutral place where positions and power fall away and emotion expression and social support thrives.

In 2007, I was privileged to publish an article titled The Humanities Interface of Nursing and Medicine, which was coauthored with the then-dean of the College of Medicine and the dean of the College of Nursing.