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James O’Sullivan

I am very pleased to announce that James O’Sullivan will join Penn State on August 1 as our Digital Humanities Research Designer. James is completing requirements for a PhD at University College Cork, part of the National University of Ireland, where he studies Digital Arts & Humanities under Dr Órla Murphy and Professor Graham Allen. He’ll add depth to the Humanities in a Digital Age initiative , a partnership between Penn State’s College of Liberal Arts and the University Libraries to promote digital humanities research.

Once he arrives on campus, you can expect to find James working directly with members of the Penn State community, especially faculty, students, and staff in the humanities. As Research Designer, he’ll consult on a variety of projects, advising scholars in the design and development of their projects, helping them apply various tools and methods in explorations of their research questions, and training humanists in the use of emerging technologies. James will join a growing DH community at Penn State. He’ll be a member of the University Libraries faculty, based in the Publishing and Curation Services department, but he will be out and about – collaborating with researchers in the Liberal Arts and likely beyond.

James is very active across a wide spectrum. He was recently appointed Chair of the Colloquium at the University of Victoria’s Digital Humanities Summer Institute, and will be teaching Knowledge Mobilization at their satellite event during the FEDCAN Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences, this summer. He has been involved in a range of digital projects, and is the recipient of a number of awards, including a Cork County and City Enterprise Boards CIT Prize for Innovation, and an Honorable Mention in last year’s Global Outlook::Digital Humanities Essay Prize. If you’re at DH2014 this summer, you’ll have a chance to hear him discuss his work in multiple sessions. He is the Founding Editor of New Binary Press, and his second collection of poetry is forthcoming later this year. When he visited us on campus at University Park, it became clear very quickly that James would be a great colleague here at Penn State, and we’re looking forward to August. Follow him on Twitter at @jamescosullivan and give him a warm welcome.

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