A Domain of One’s Own at Penn State is a pilot project started in Spring 2014 that allows 50 graduate students in the College of the Liberal Arts to have their own domain names and web hosting. Students will be able to create subdomains, install software supported by the hosting service, and control their own webspace.

The purpose of the pilot is to empower our graduate students to actively cultivate an online scholarly presence. More specifically, we are interested in how student experience with web hosting impacts student motivation, technical proficiency, and employment opportunities. We’ll explore how students utilize the webspace to develop their online identities, boost their technical skills for future employability, and select from a set of tools and solutions to create their own digital presence and scholarship. We’ll also use this pilot to assess ways to scale up the initiative.

The pilot is modeled after the Domain of One’s Own project by Jim Groom and Tim Owens at the University of Mary Washington.

If you are interested in participating in such a pilot in future semesters, please complete the form below.

Domain of One's Own

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