Wings Over Happy Valley.

My passion blog is essentially a food blog, detailing my ventures of gastronomy throughout my stay here at Penn State.

I begin my story on a cold and chilly night sometime around 9. I was in the middle of studying in my room when I had a sudden craving for wings. I decided to check out the famous “wings over” in Happy Valley. I ordered boneless wings half of them flavored with a dry garlic Parmesan rub and the other corresponding half flavored with a wet Teriyaki sauce. The order of wings also came with fries which I happily switched to Waffle Fries.

The length of the delivery took around 25 minutes and everything was given to me in a black plastic bag. Upon first touch of the bag I knew that this was a good decision. The bag was warm from all the steam that the wings produced.

Upon opening the box of wings to analyze my goodies. I noticed that this place does not skimp out on their portions. I was adequately given a “GOOD” amount of wings to my satisfaction. The hardest part was deciding which flavor to taste first. I decided to take whichever was closest, in this case garlic parmesan. As I took the first bite, I began to realize why this place was so respected. The garlic parmesan was full of flavor, that coursed through my taste buds. The wings were tossed in a dry rub consisting of garlic powder and parmesan cheese creating a savory yet cheesy feel. The teriyaki was no different. Upon first bite, the wing was slightly less crispy than the Garlic Parmesan. As the teriyaki sauce was glazed upon the fresh hot steamy wings, the outer coating of the wing began to deteriorate, as this was a wet sauce rather than a dry rub. However the flavor had more of an impact. My taste buds were sensing the sweet, savory aspect of the teriyaki sauce a perfect match to its salty garlic parmesan counterpart. The aroma these two wings created were enough to attract the attention of my roommate who had just come in, asking if there were any left.

My first experience of Wings Over Happy Valley is one I will not forget, as it has enabled me to order for delivery several times already.

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  1. Tegan McRoberts says:

    Again, I really enjoyed reading this post. I haven’t had breakfast yet, and now I am starving! I haven’t tried Wings Over yet, but I am definitely going to try it this weekend now! You have very vivid descriptions which make me feel like I am right in the room eating the wings too. I can’t wait to see what other foods you are going to talk about!

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