The Big Onion.

Located in the first floor of the Findlay Commons lies a small eatery that is widely known to the Freshman Population as the Big O. Their menu consists of several different types of pizza, a few different submarine sandwiches and chicken tenders and fries. They also have a small breakfast option but this review will be focused on their lunch/dinner options.

They have 4 types of pizza’s served daily consisting of: Pepperoni, Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, and White. They also have 5 different specialty pizza’s each served a different day of the week. Today (Thursday) their specialty was a barbecue chicken pizza. I decided to grab one for research purposes.

The first thing to judge when eating a pizza is their crust. What kind of crust did they use? Is it Deep Dish or Thin Crust? This particular pizza had a hand-tossed thin crust, almost reminiscent of the New York Style. After taking the first bite, I realized that the Big O was a place I could regularly come to. The first bite consisted of an abundance of flavors, harmonizing together to create the perfect combination. The smoky, tangy barbecue sauce paired well with the thinly sliced red onions creating a sweet, spicy, and robust flavor. This paired well with the Chicken breast which were sliced into chunks. There were 2 different types of cheese that were layered on top of the pizza, cheddar and mozzarella. There was no distinct way of telling apart the types of cheeses as they tasted the same.

All in all I give the Big Onion’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza a 4/5.

Bon Appetit.

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2 Responses to The Big Onion.

  1. Tegan McRoberts says:

    I have eaten at the Big O a few times, but I haven’t had the barbecue chicken pizza. The next time I am there on a Thursday, I am definitely trying it! I enjoy the food there, but I try not to eat there a lot because its all fried food. The next time I go there, I will think about this post and thinking about the food while I eat it. I love reading these posts every week, although it makes me really hungry!

  2. mrk5397 says:

    I haven’t tried the Big Onion yet, but this review has certainly enticed me. It’s nice to read a blog post that I can actually apply to my own life week-week. I would honestly have no idea how to correctly use the word “robust” in order to describe food flavors, so I think I could also learn a thing or two from your posts. Keep up the good work

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