I usually don’t write about chain restaurants but I had to express my deep satisfaction with Chipotle. For those of you that do not know, Chipotle is an American based, Mexican restaurant. It can be classified as a fast food eatery due to the speed they are able to put together one’s order. Last night I decided to go to Chipotle to finally satisfy my craving.

Chipotle has a very simple menu and order style. You must first pick 1 of 4 choices getting either a Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Taco, or Salad. Then you choose your rice, beans, meat, salsa, and veggies. Real Simple. Real Quick.

Whenever I eat at a Chipotle I always get the same thing.  A burrito, double wrapped with two large pieces of flour tortilla, a little bit of brown rice that has been flavored with citrus and cilantro, juicy succulent grilled steak, fajita vegetables that have been sauteed with pepper and salt, a tad bit of sour cream for the tang, cool corn salad that adds a nice sweetness, and cool crisp lettuce to finish it off. I order along a side of chips and guacamole to accompany me in my burrito ventures.

Chipotle has both beneficial aspects and negative aspects respectively. The food is delicious, fast, and the portions are very large; however, the price can be very expensive. Expect a burrito with steak and all the fillings accompanied by chips and guacamole and a small sized drink to come out to about 12 dollars. As a college student, Chipotle is something I cannot enjoy multiple times per week, but it is something I can splurge on once in a while. Chipotle also promotes their “Food with Integrity” campaign, which attempts to find “the very best ingredients  raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and the farmers” (Chipotle). Chipotle is a great place to enjoy a nice “mexican” style meal with friends and family. I give Chipotle a 5/5.

Bon Appetit.

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3 Responses to Chipotle.

  1. Annabel Drayton says:

    Everyone told me about your amazing food passion posts and I couldn’t wait to read this. Food and specifically chipotle is something I really enjoy reading about. I’m definitely impressed with your order at chipotle. Now that I’ve read this I can’t wait to see what type of food you’ll post about next week!!!

  2. Tegan McRoberts says:

    As always, I really enjoyed this post. When ever I go, I always get the same thing too. I also like to get the chips and guacamole. I have only been to the one here once, but I definitely need to take a trip down there again!

  3. mrk5397 says:

    I had a couple Chipotles right near me at home…of course this warranted me having at least one meal a week there. Through those innumerable burrito orders, I realized that I have never once felt good – physically or mentally – after eating one…perhaps it is a good thing that they are so expensive relative to a college student’s budget. It was good to see some more analysis on something besides the food; the cost analysis was definitely beneficial in terms of putting the entire review in perspective. The contextualization also helped me understand more of Chipotle’s “mission.”

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