DP Dough.

This is going to be a very short concise review.

Calzones are still very new to me. In my entire life it is safe to say I have had about 3 calzones so I did not know what to expect. DP Dough is a restaurant that specializes in their calzones and when I say specialize I mean they have over 15 types of Calzones. Think of a calzone as a 2 pizza slices without marinara sauce put together and sealed off.

In this particular case I decided to go with the construction zone. This particular calzone is a create your own. I decided to add mozzarella cheese, sausage, pepperoni, ham, and ricotta. The calzone cost about 8 dollars and it came in respectable time, 30 minutes.

As I opened the box up I was somewhat disappointed. The calzone was very small, although it had a very nice chewy crust the portion size was meager. They filled the calzone with an abundance of tangy mozzarella cheese accompanied by the large amounts of tart ricotta. They were a bit lacking on the sausage and ham and pepperoni. The ham was practically not there, due to the very small cuts they gave. The pepperoni and sausage had a nice spice filled taste accompanied by the marinara sauce they gave. I give this place a 3/5.

Maybe I ordered the wrong dish? I will probably try it one more time, as all scientific experiments are repeated.

Bon Appetit.

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2 Responses to DP Dough.

  1. Annabel Drayton says:

    You’re blog on food is interesting because in State College their aren’t a lot of varieties or options for food. It’s nice to find out about the places before you go and I know I could never go to DP Dough. You should try fresh harvest. It’s right near DP Dough and apparently its really good but I’ve never been and I’m looking to try it. Can’t wait to read next weeks!!!

  2. mrk5397 says:

    I was waiting for a review of DP dough’s product. I always thoroughly enjoy your reviews simply because listening to (or reading) someone talk about and analyze something familiar is always entertaining. Perhaps in your next blog you may compare and contrast the item after you have analyzed it in order to place its ranking relative to those similar to it.

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