Outline for TED Talk.

1. State Your Point: What do you want the audience to know? What new learning are you trying to instill?

– I would like the audience to understand that the perception of being in a relationship has changed.

2. Tell a Story that reinforces or proves the point

– Still have yet to think of a story

3. Give us the Application of that story – tell us why this is important/significant; point out how the story reinforces the point you were making.

* List 3 main points from your paper                                                                                               –The status of relationships before the 1920’s                                                                                 – The change in the perception of relationships in the 1920’s                                                       – Current societies perception of relationships

*What background information should you provide to your audience?                                  – The current status of relationships. Reasons to why the perception of relationships changed, what inventions were made that provoked this change.

*How will you introduce this topic?                                                                                               – A clever personal story, or a rhetorical question

*How will you end this talk?                                                                                                             – Another rhetorical question to the audience?

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