The Importance of the Environment.

For my civic issue this semester I will be writing about the environment. I decided to choose the environment because the fact that the environment is changing is all to real. There are countless instances where people are asked to perform in a civic duty to help out the environment. These duties range from recycling, cleaning up trash in a public place, or even refraining from driving your car to work.

I believe that the environment is only getting worse and worse. One of the reasons why the environment is degrading is due to the over usage of natural resources. Instead of operating at a sustainable level we are taking more than we should. An example of this is wood. Forests are being chopped down at an incredible rate and are failing to grow back in the amount of time that is needed. We as humans must control what we use and how much of it we use.

I will write about the environment as a civic issue because I believe that there are a lot of people out there that do not understand the decreasing level of the environment and how close we are to ruining it. The only way the environment can improve is if people work towards improving it. This is why the environment is a civic issue.

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