Hello, there!

Welcome to my web page. I am originally from South Korea and came to North Carolina in 2010 to study Sociology at East Carolina University. I currently live in Central Pennsylvania, and I am about to complete my PhD in Sociology at the Pennsylvania State University, where I have developed multiple research agendas on political sociology; organizations, occupations, and work; and quantitative methodology, with a focus on the dynamics of social movements in various forms under a broad range of political and organizational conditions in the United States and South Korea.

My research areas cover Social Movements; Organizations, Occupations and Work; Quantitative Methodology; Philanthropy, Volunteering, and Nonprofit Studies. Most recently I have done extensive work on two research topics: (1) how contemporary human resource management (HRM) practices affect labor unions in South Korea (the subject of my dissertation), and (2) U.S. Tax Day Tea Party activism from 2009 to 2014, explored through a large dataset (a National Science Foundation research project).

My dissertation, Three Essays on the Impacts of Human Resource Manage-
ment Practices on Union Decline in South Korea, 2005-2013
, addresses HRM practices as contemporary workplace innovations that have correlated with a steady but clear decline in the union strength among contemporary workers in many countries. It examines the possibility of a theoretical connection between these two empirical patterns—increasing use of HRM practices and declining unions—across 647 corporate establishments in South Korea from 2005 to 2013.

While I am not studying, I tend to spend my time playing computer games-—mostly role-playing games, watching video clips on YouTube, or doing workouts (when I really have nothing to do).

Contact me at:
412 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802-6207
Email: hxk271 /at/ psu /dot/ edu