Need a Professional Profile Photo Taken?

professional-woman-4FEBRUARY 4 from 3 to 8 p.m.


Recruiters spend 19% of their time on your online profile looking at your picture. Your profile should look like a credible, confident and professional person. LinkedIN profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than ones without a photo. So stop using a selfie.

Have your profile photo taken on February 4 in 316 Willard. This event is open to ALL Penn State students. Sign up on the Doodle Poll is necessary. (see above)

Professional dress required. Please bring $5 cash for the photographer. Photos will be taken by  student Akash Ghai, Penn State Chapter, National Press Photographer’s Association.

Happy New Year Penn State: Be Heard in 2015

Spring 2015. For many, it’s just another semester. For others, it’s the LAST one before the infamous “real world.” IABC can help you whether you’re at college for a few more semesters, or on the job hunt.

You can still join IABC/Penn State.  You can still BE HEARD.

Check out our Spring 2015 professional development events. You’ll be sure to want to attend our Skype sessions with professional from across the WORLD. You’ll definitely want to get a professional photo taken for just $5 during our photo session. Lastly, you’ll want to fund raise with us all semester to pay for …wait for it…the IABC World Conference in SAN FRANCISCO.


Isn’t it time to start your legacy? Join IABC today.


Membership Information: Paying Dues to IABC-PSU

Dues are $11 (local) + $49 (national) = $60

Please complete a membership application AND a membership profile sheet to submit with your dues.  Dues are accepted in Willard 313B. Check or cash.  Make checks payable to “IABC- Penn State.”

You may download both documents here. Questions? Contact the treasurer at