Behind the mic of the 2019 workshop

The summer 2019 was a small yet passionate group of teens. Although not all of the teens finished the 5-week workshop, the all contributed to the direction for the project: personal stories.  With the assistance of Dr. Sharon Stringer from Lockhaven University and PSU Professor John Beale, the students wrote, photographed and told their own stories.




Students practiced taking photos of each other (and the instructor) after getting some tips from award-winning PSU photographer and professor John Beale. They did  some brainstorming to determine the 2019 project focus. They also did a WHOLE LOT of writing, editing and recording (and rerecording) of their personal stories with lots of help from Dr. Stringer, of Lockhaven University.


Thanks for the Bellefonte YMCA for serving as the hub for the 2019 Summer Teen Digital Storytelling workshop that was funded by the Bellisario College of Communications dean (Marie Hardin) summer faculty grant program. Many thanks for professors Dr. Sharon Stringer and John Beale. And, of course, thanks to the parents of the teens and the Bellefonte Area School District. 

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