Current Undergraduate Researchers


Photo of Kevin Crust
Kevin Crust

Neutron capture studies; Event reconstruction algorithms


Previous Undergraduate Researchers

Photo of Andrew Blount
Andrew Blount

PINGU electronics and firmware
Photo of Matthew Weiss
Matthew Weiss

PINGU electronics and firmware; PISA software and data analysis.
Photo of Melissa Quinnan
Melissa Quinnan
Calibration with cosmic-ray muons; high-voltage circuit design and monitoring; verilog designDAAD (Germany, summer 2014); CERN REU (Switzerland, summer 2015; see PSU announcement); NSF Graduate Fellowship (see PSU announcement)), started Physics Graduate School at UCSB in fall 2016.
Sabrina PellegriniPINGU electronics and firmware.
Hunter CampbellPINGU and DeepCore analysis.
Dylan Lutton
Dylan Lutton
Michel ElectronsREU (summer 2014)
John Groh
Particle identification (SHC thesis),
FPGA firmware development
Now in physics grad school at UC-Berkeley.

IceCube at Penn State

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