• Integrated Circuit (IC) Design: A voltage/current-mode power management IC for robust inductive power transmission (JSSC17 and ISSCC17)

Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory (ICSL) was founded in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA in August 2014 by Dr. Mehdi Kiani. We are performing active research in the following fields:

  1. Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF, and Power-Management Integrated Circuits and Systems
  2. Wireless Healthcare Monitoring
  3. Wireless Neural Interfacing
  4. Implantable Microelectronic Devices
  5. Assistive Technologies
  6. Wireless Sensing and Actuating
  7. Energy Harvesting

Our ultimate goal is to develop novel technologies for state-of-the-art medical devices and self-powered wireless sensing and actuating systems to help people with disabilities and improve the quality of life!


Available Positions:

At ICSL, we are always looking for talented and hardworking students for undergraduate, masters and PhD research. If you are interested, please email Dr. Kiani and include your CV!

Post-doc: We have an opening for a post-doc position at ICSL. We are looking for highly experienced individuals in the field of analog integrated circuit (IC) design. If you are interested, please email Dr. Kiani and include your CV!


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