About Us


The Industrial Engineering Graduate Association (IEGA) was founded to serve the academic and social needs of graduate students in the IME department. We strive to enable every incoming student to maximize his or her potential as a graduate student. IEGA is currently comprised of the Graduate Coordinator and 5 core committee members, with every enrolled student being a default member.

We work towards introducing students to the various facets of our department by providing academic mentorship regarding courses, placements and research areas, enabling them to make informed decisions. We also organize several social events throughout the year, with the objective of providing a platform for students to meet and interact with their peers and faculty of different academic and cultural backgrounds and draw from their career goals and experience. Penn State is proud of the balance its students maintain between academic and social life, and our department is no exception!

If you have any questions regarding research, courses, and academic curriculum, feel free to contact any of the core members. You can find the profile of each of the core members on the current members tab and facebook page for IEGA (FB Page) in the link shared below. We hope to help you make strong academic choices right from the start, which will help shape your interests and get the best out of your time as a graduate student.