Jesse Bukenberger

JesseJesse Bukenberger is a PhD student with a penchant for photobombing professional situations with a dopey grin; as a consequence he has a complete paucity of formal photographs of himself (much to the chagrin of our editors). He is focusing on operations research and its application to electric power systems; he particularly enjoys stochastic programs on network topologies and he abhors prescriptivism, linguistic or otherwise.

Jesse completed his Bachelors and Masters together in industrial engineering at Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo in sunny California, this explains his obnoxiously cheerful disposition. He has experience in myriad industries, ranging from logistics to semiconductor manufacture, and has completed internships at UPS, Imagine That!, and Lam Research. He is a wiz kid at simulation and was the TA for IE 453 (Simulation) in Fall 2016.

Any questions regarding the OR curriculum or working with advisors in other departments, especially those related to energy systems, can be sent to Jesse at