Teaching and Learning with Technology Impact Award

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All Pennsylvania State University Faculty (tenure or fixed-term, regardless of rank) are eligible for nomination. Finalists and the winner will be selected by the Impact Award committee which shall consist of three to four faculty members, one member of Teaching and Learning with Technology, and the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Application Process

The application process consists of two stages:


Faculty, students, staff, and administrators may submit a nomination by completing a brief nomination form (available online) no later than Friday, October 19, 2018. Self-nominations are welcome.

Finalist Submission

Finalists who have been selected from the nominations will be invited to submit a packet of material to the selection committee. Finalists will be notified by November 5, 2018 and will be asked to submit an application packet no later than January 2, 2018. Applications submitted by finalists will be evaluated using set criteria (please see below).

Finalists Materials

Faculty members who are selected as finalists will be required to submit an application packet that includes the following items. All items should be submitted in order and within one  self-contained PDF file. Materials should be submitted by January 2, 2018 to tltaward@psu.edu

  1. A list of two references who are familiar with the impact of the faculty member’s work.  One reference must be that of a student. The second reference should come from a colleague, internal or external peer, and/or staff member.
  2. A full academic CV.
  3. An example of a recent course syllabus.
  4. A paragraph on your teaching philosophy in regards to the following prompt:  How does  technology enhance your teaching and your students’ learning?
  5. A paragraph statement on your teaching impact in regard to the following prompt:  Please share any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, indicating that your usage of technology has had an impact on student learning or engagement.

Additionally, finalists should request a letter of recommendation solicited from the Dean or Department Head in which they have primary membership. The letter of recommendation should be submitted independent of the other requested materials and can be sent directly by the author to tltaward@psu.edu with the subject heading being the finalist’s last name and the name of the award (for example, “Smith TLT Impact”.)

Evaluation Criteria

Degree to which the work:

  • meets the defined criteria required for inclusion in consideration for this award;
  • results in significant enhancement of higher education through the use of technology;
  • incorporates technological richness;
  • provides greater insight into the effectiveness of teaching, learning, learning spaces, and scholarship;
  • is innovative and original; and
  • contains implications beyond one specific academic area.

Funding Source

The award will be funded from administrative area 046, restricted budget 06-032-27 UP 247M0 and will adhere to the University’s policy FNG04 Employee Reward and Recognition Programs. This award may be subject to taxation, which would be the responsibility of the award recipient.

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