Description: Univ of Colorado/NOAA Flasks

TITLE: Flask measurements (Univ of Colorado / NOAA)
PROJECT: Indianapolis Flux Experiment (INFLUX)
DATES:  September 2010 – current

COMMENTS:  Flask samples are analyzed by NOAA CCGG for CO2, CH4, CO, H2, N2O, SF6, and by NOAA HATS for a suite of hydro- and halo-carbons; a subset of flasks are analyzed by the University of Colorado INSTAAR for the stable isotopes of CO2 and CH4 and CO. 14CO2 measurements are made on all flasks to determine the fossil fuel CO2 mole fraction; these measurements are a collaboration between INSTAAR and GNS Science.  A one hour integrated flask sampling system is used to collect dried air in automated NOAA/ESRL 12-flask packages and two flasks are filled for each sample to provide sufficient air for analysis. The integrating compressor system uses a mass flow controller to regulate the flow of air through a 15 l volume, thus providing a mixture of air collected over an hour-long period. By beginning with a high flow rate of 3.8 standard liters per minute and gradually decreasing the flow rate over time to 0.29 standard liters per minute it is possible to obtain a nearly uniformly time averaged sample of air and collect it into a pressurized 0.7 l flask.

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