About the Interdisciplinary Network on Rural Population Health and Aging

The new National Institute on Aging (NIA)-funded Interdisciplinary Network on Rural Population Health and Aging (INRPHA) facilitates innovative research on the multilevel and multidimensional exposures shaping and being shaped by health and aging trends among different rural populations and regions in the United States.

INRPHA has five key priority areas:

    1. Identify trends and disparities in middle-age and older adult health and well-being across different types of rural areas and among different vulnerable populations within rural areas and identify mechanisms driving these trends and disparities.
    2. Identify the implications (e.g., social, economic, political, and infrastructural) of population health and aging trends in rural areas.
    3. Identify relationships between economic livelihood strategies, economic well-being, and health among middle- and older-age adults in rural America.
    4. Identify the contributions of physical and/or social isolation on physical, mental, and cognitive health and healthy aging in different rural areas.
    5. Identify where and how exposures to environmental change and/or climate hazards have affected rural middle-age and older populations.


Recent Updates

Call for Papers – Journal of Rural Social Sciences, Special Issue on Rural Population Health and Aging
The Journal of Rural Social Sciences (JRSS) has issued a call for papers for a special issue on Rural Population Health and Aging.  JRSS is the official peer-reviewed publication of the Southern Rural Sociological Association.
Manuscript abstracts due: September 30, 2020
For selected abstracts, full-length manuscripts will be due January 15, 2021

See the full call for papers here.

COVID-19 and Rural America: Policy Briefs

As we are all currently experiencing, COVID-19 continues to impact our everyday lives.  Over the last month, many members of the academic community, including those who are members of INRPHA, the Rural Sociological Society, and the Population Association of America, have published policy briefs specifically addressing the responses to and implications of COVID-19 in Rural America.  See the list of policy briefs here.