1993-2000 Outreach

  • Abhay Ashtekar: Cosmos Scientist Is a Down To Earth Manby Apoorva MandavilliRediff (May 1999)http://www.rediff.com/news/1999/may/15us2.htm
  • Scientist at Work: Dr. Abhay Ashtekar
    by James Glanz
    New York Times, Sceince Section
    (April 1999)
  • Beyond Space and Time (PDF)
    by Robert Matthews
    New Scientist, No 2082 38-42
  • The Quest for Quantum Gravity (PDF)
    by Gary Au
    Current Science, vol 69, 499-518
  • Loops of Space
    by Marcia Bartusiak
    Discover, vol 14, 60-68
  • Teoria Unificada del Universo (PDF)
    by Patricia Linn
    Fiom Ep Pais Cultural Montevideo (August 1998)
  • Gravity Center Launches the Penn State Lecture Series on Frontiers of Science (PDF)(January 1995)
  • Catching a Black-Hole Gravity Wave (PDF)
    On research by Jorge Pullin and his group.
    (June 1994)
  • The Ties that Bind (PDF)
    by P.J. Skerrett
    Popular Science (May 1994)
  • New Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry set to Open(PDF)
    (August 26, 1993)