2018 News

  • Penn State recently invested in an upgrade to its portion of the data grid that will roughly quadruple the cluster’s capacity for conducting cutting-edge astronomy and astrophysics research. See Full Article
  • NSF held a press conference on Thursday, July 12, 2018 to announce the major discovery of the first high-energy neutrino detected from a distant cosmological source. IceCube and AMON researchers at Penn State played a prominent role in this major advance. The result is reported in two articles in the current issue of Science and featured on its cover: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/361/6398.
    This discovery marks the beginning of a new branch of astronomy using high-energy neutrinos and, since it partly relied on the coincident detection of high-energy photons, places in sharp relief the critical importance of the multimessenger approach pioneered at IGC through our AMON project. An article for lay audiences published in “The Conversation” by Doug Cowen, Derek Fox and Azadeh Keivani was picked up by CNN, CBS News, Smithsonian Magazine, Newsweek and EarthSky and attracted nearly 30,000 reads in the first four days!
  • Congratulations to Emily Grosholz (IGC Center for Fundamental Theory) for being awarded the 2017 Fernando Gil Prize for her book “Starry Reckoning: Reference and Analysis in Mathematics and Cosmology.” The Fernando Gil rewards “a work of particular excellence, in the domain of the Philosophy of Science, by a researcher from any nationality or professional affiliation, published during the last five years. For more information, please read the announcement of this year’s award – http://fernando-gil.org.pt/en/nominees/2017/winner/ or a description of the Fernando Gil International Prize – http://fernando-gil.org.pt/en/
  • Catherine Grier, postdoctoral fellow with Niel Brandt, was part of a team of astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) who announced new measurements of the masses of a large sample of supermassive black holes far beyond the local universe. (10 January 2018) Full story

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