Welcome to the Psych 100 Blog Page

If you are a PSYCH 100 student you will need to get started by logging into the blog page by clicking “Log in” at the top of this page. Once you log in, you can start creating your blog entries.

The purpose of the blog is to allow students to write about the course concepts as they observe those concepts in real life. Sort of like a personal news story. The trick is to start thinking like a  psychologist; seeing the theories and concepts in action.

While the blog is less formal than term papers or other similar assignments, remember that you are writing for an audience (classmates, instructor, visitors, etc.) so you will want to have strong logic, grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. in addition to strong ideas/content. You are highly encouraged to bring in graphics and outside links so that your readers can learn more about the ideas that you are presenting.

Have fun!