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Memory Construction

In the past couples weeks we have generally been talking about how our memory works. Memory is a construction process and it is really hard to tell whether or not they are actually remember true or it is just your mind constructing the memory which is two different things. Some people claim that they could remember most of the things that had happened to them when they were 1 year old, which is really impossible. In my perspective, what you are actually remember is different from what someone telling you and you just start to reconstruct other information and thought it was true and actually had happened. Before I was taking psychology I couldn’t tell the different because I thought I could remember something that happened to me when I was younger, but it was actually my parents who told me what it was and when someone asked me what did exactly happen when I was 2 years old I was just kind of repeat of what my parents told me. So the question is did I actually remember what happened when I was 2 years old? The answer is no. Construed memories are not memories of real events. The brain just makes things to fit by several fashion so memories are extremely malable and can be influence by different people such as place, words, smell etc. the most common is the real memory is not transferred from short term memory into longer term memory so not really ever known, yet when recalled the brain fills in the blank with something that was thought about relative to the situation being recalled. So it is really difficult to tell if someone is actually remember. But the average is most kids who can actually remember is around 3 years. If it is less than that it could be just a recreate that memory In your mind.


Psychoanalysis is based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior because these behavior are unconscious. Also, psychoanalysis tend to look into the past or childhood experiences to explain what has molded us and gives us our personality traits. There are a lot of numerous experience that had go throughout their life which shaped them into the person they are today. I want to give an example and talk about my older sister. My cousin and I love ridding roller coasters. When I was eight years my cousin and I and also our family are always went to six flag and ridded on almost all of them. To be honest I did not enjoy my ride as much as I want it to be because my grandmother would never want to ride on it. We always asked why but she would never answer or explained us why until one day I asked my mother. She told me that when my sister was a little girl she did not believing in herself, she was lacking of confident. She didn’t want to talk to anybody and even communicated with other people. One day her school has a trip to Dorney Park. She was bully because she was afraid of high until now she is getting older. Last summer I kept begging my sister to rid with her I told her that I would do everything if she is agree with me and finally she said yes. I was the happiest girl on earth. I can tell that she was panics and her face was so pal and I can tell she is so nervous. I was holding her hands and said as long as I’m with no one would hurt you. She was traumatized from never ride on it or never experiencing new things.

Sleep Walking

Sleep walking is such a very interesting topic. Based on the study shown that sleep walking is a disorder that people walk or do other activity while they are asleep. Sleep walking occur when during stage 3 and 4 and most commonly it occurs during stage 4 because during this stage the body is at its lowest level of functioning. Furthermore, each night people experience a full cycle for at least five to six times a night. After reaching the deepest sleep during stage 4 the sleep cycle start moving backward by starting with stage 1. The symptoms for sleep walking are include people tend to sit up and look like they are awake and they start to walk around. And sometimes they are start to moving stuffs around such as furniture, going to the bathroom, or even going change their clothes, dressing up and sometimes some people tend to drive around while they are asleep which is really dangerous because sleep walker could be confused of why they are stand up or walking around instead of on the bed sleeping. Additional, some people acting really aggressive behavior when woke up by someone else telling them strange things when they are asleep. When I was young I remember one of my cousin she went to sleep over at my house. She was talking to me but it didn’t make any senses at all, she went to the bathroom and went back but she did not sleep, she kept moving stuff around which is really annoying.  At first I did not recognized. So the next day I asked her did she remember anything she did last night and I told her everything. She were acting confused when she woke up and got so mad at me when I told her about what she did last night.