Illusory Correlation

Illusory Correlation is the idea that two things are related yet they have no relation at all. Some examples of illusory correlation are superstitions, stereotypes and prejudices. In the sports world we can see illusory correlation everywhere. Whether is putting your right shoe on before your left or eating certain meals before game days. These superstitions help provide some sort of answer for why a certain event happened even though it has no correlation with the event at all. It is an illusion that one event led to another even though it did not.

Over the years i have had a few superstitions of my own. One example stems from the simple action of watching sports games live. No matter what sport it was, soccer, football, or basketball I had the belief that my team would win if I watched the game. And if I missed watching the game my team would lose. Now obviously me watching a game will not affect a team’s performance, yet I still found that when I watched my team would win more often. I created a false correlation between watching a game and winning. To this day I still think that if I watch games my team will have a better chance of winning.

Superstitions and stereotypes are very common throughout the world. Illusory Correlation can also be connected to racism. People create the idea that certain people do certain things because of their ethnicity. When in most cases it is entirely untrue. People always try to find reasons and explanations for events and people. So they create reasons that are not really true but give them the explanation that they want. It creates illusions for why certain events happen and can help to satisfy peoples desire for reasons to why a certain outcome occurs. Illusory correlation provides people with satisfaction for why things happen.

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