Nativism (Nature)

Nativism is the idea that our thoughts, ideas and characteristics are inborn.  I feel that this is true of all of us, and we can all think of an example in out lives to back this theory up.  Being a male, I have grown up to love sports.  Now this also may be true for some other guys and even girls, but I would bet that this is true for more guys.  The reason I have this theory is because I grew up with two older sisters in the household.  Being together for eighteen years I have noticed our different ideas towards sports and our likes and dislikes.  It is in a girls nature to like more feminine activities such as painting nails, gymnastics, playing with dolls and talking on the phone with friends.  To continue, it is in a boys nature to do more masculine activities such as ride bikes, play with trucks, watch and play sports, etc.

As I mentioned before I love to watch and play sports.  This is an example of Nativism.  I was born with traits similar to other men and women are born with traits similar to other women.  This can be seen all the way through the early Greeks.  Socrates and Plato claimed that we learn about ourselves by examining others, and including one’s thoughts and feelings.  Today we call this introspection, or “looking within”.  I have studied my sisters, and can say that Socrates and Plato were right.  I feel that I can make a strong argument solely based on my interaction with my sisters for eighteen years.  The nature of people a lot of the time can be determined by there gender and interactions with others.  My experience throughout my childhood has shown me that Nativism, explained early on by Socrates and Plato, holds true up to today and will continue to show us how different all of us are, sometimes even based on our gender.

Brian Stoyanoff

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