Nature vs. Nurture

Muzi Li

Psychology 100 Section 3

February 4, 2014

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Nature vs. Nurture


Nature verses nurture is a hot and old debate topic in psychology for a long time. In common words, the debate is focus on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance and environmental factors to the human development. There are two different groups holding their own opinion. One group is leaded by Plato, they states that certain things are inborn, they are naturally appearing despite the outside influences. They believed that all or most of the human behaviors and characteristics are inheritance, or so called nativist. Another group like John Locke pointed out that out mind is a piece of blank paper, according to the surrounding, the influences from the outside, so all or most of our behavior and characteristic are the result of learning, which is called empiricists.

It is common sense that our physical characteristics are definitely inheritance genetically, like the color of our eyes, skin and hair. These factors make people speculate that whether our psychological characteristics such as personality, behavior and mental are naturally born with. As for the nurture, the differences of infants and children are the accumulated result of learning and observing.

For example, here is a question: our sexuality is something that genetically imposed on us that we have no control over, or something else? Nobody knows that he/she is homosexual when he/she was born, but is it nature or nurture; the scientists are still working on that project. Being a homosexual person can be nature, scientist states that the gay people look different from those of heterosexuals. The brain is form when the baby is not born yet, so some people is genetically homosexual. While, people may become homosexual because of the outside environment influence them. Lots friends of mine are homosexual, but they are not at the beginning, for example, a guy likes him and go after him, time to time, he fell in love with that guy and became a guy. That person changed his sexuality because of the experience or so called the influences of the environment and outside factor that is nurture.

In my personal point of view, nothing is absolutely nature or nurture. It could be part of genetically and part of experiencing.



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