Long-Term Memory

Garrett Swope (gfs5051)

March 4, 2014

Long-Term Memory and Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory

The concept I’m focusing on is Long-Term Memory.  Long-Term Memory is an unlimited capacity store that can hold up to a thousand billion bits of information to a million billion bits of information.  There are two types of long term memory; procedural and declarative.  Procedural is implicit and involves skills.  Declarative is explicit and is separated into two different realms; semantic and episodic.  Semantic refers to natural knowledge while episodic refers to personal experiences and such. 

I found a video and article from March 3rd of this year that follows a 10 year old boy, Jake Housler, who has an exceptionally rare memory.  Jake has a very uncommon form of Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory.  Only a few have heard of it and is only found in a very select group of individuals throughout the world.  To this day the scientists that are currently studying this memory gift are still finding more and more facts about HSAM since it is so rare. Jake can recall specific dates from his past and which day of the week it fell on.  He can also remember what happened on those specific dates and certain characteristics about them.  They say that humans with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory “have a more active pathway between the front and the back of the brain,” (Local).

The reason I chose to relate Jake’s story to the psychology concept of Long-Term Memory is because his story is an interesting way to show how diverse memory can be, especially Jake’s long term memory ability.  By having a more energetic pathway between the front and back parts of his brain, Jake can be able to have a much higher intake of the bits of information mentioned earlier with Long-Term Memory.  I’m not sure of the direct correlation between Long Term Memory and HSAM, but it is definitely interesting to see how diverse the human brain can be when memory comes into play.

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