Type of Twins

My cousins are twins. They are both girls, look very similar, and have similar personalities. Growing up though my family and I had our doubts that they were identical. They both have blond hair and blue eyes, most people can’t tell them apart. But I always could and so could the rest of my family, except of my little sister, who mixes them up every time. So, they look a lot alike but they don’t look identical. They have different shoe sizes and one of the twins has more freckles than the other.

But then they also have very similar personalities. They have always played the same sports, had the same friends, and now both are pursuing a medical career at the same college, where they are both in sororities. When they are doing their own things, both tend to ask as leaders, helping others, yet put them in the room together and one always dominates and becomes the leader. At every family event, I have always noticed the same twin taking charge. If you separate them though they both take charge. Also sitting next to both of them I found one to be more sympathetic and the other more outgoing. These differences are only distinguishable when they are separated though.

So are my cousins identical or fraternal twins? Identical twins, or monozygotic twins, occur when a fertilized egg splits, creating two of the same organism. These types of twins share the same DNA and because of that are very similar. Fraternal twins, or dizygotic twins, on the other hand, come from two different eggs and two different sperm. This causes the twins to be different. They do not share the same DNA. Fraternal twins are no more alike, genetically, than other siblings, they were just born at the same time.

Learning about these differences in definition I now strongly believe my cousins are identical twins, they are too similar not to be. The differences they have that allow me to distinguish them have come from various environmental effects. Each twin has had different experiences and therefore has become their own person. One of them had a concussion while the other did not. In addition one studied in Denmark for a few weeks while the other did not. Events like these have shaped my cousins differently, so even though they are identical, they are each their own person with a unique life.

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  1. Katie Kirkman

    I am an identical twin and my brothers are fraternal twins. Your cousins sound like they are identical twins even though there maybe little difference in their features and personalities. My sister and I very much look alike but family and generally close friends are able to tell us apart because of small differences in our features. For an example, my sister is a little bit taller than me so that tends to help new people be able to tell us apart when we are together. Also, our personalities are very similar in our interests but she tended to always be a little bit more outgoing than me and I also believe that has to deal with different environmental factors. Every person goes through their own experiences in life that helps contribute to who they are and their personalities, even if they are twins. Although many twins are best friends, like my sister and I, that does not mean they don’t go through different experiences in life that changes who they are and their personalities. Especially if they are going to separate colleges, they now have their own group of friends and a different environment.

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