False Memory

A false memory is a memory that you think is real, but actually there is nothing real about the memory.  These can be created by someone else telling you a story that may or may not have actually happened to you in the past but that you do not actually remember.  After hearing this story, your brain creates a “memory” of the event.  This isn’t actually a memory that you had, someone else put it their.

This reminds me of my sister.  Constantly when we were little, she would tell me crazy stories of things that happened to us that I knew had never happened.  Since she did this all the time and I knew these things hadn’t actually happened, I didn’t create a false memory of them, but my sister may have created a false memory of these things happening.

2 thoughts on “False Memory

  1. Matthew Richard Caswell

    As I read this post I knew exactly what you were talking about. As children my older brother and I would always throw stories back and forth that began with “remember when” and when we ran out of real stories of things we did we would move on to exaggerating them, making true stories into epic works of fantasy. The big difference between you and I was that while you were able to keep hold of what was real and what was not, I would frequently lose myself in our stories. I can say with certainty that at least a couple of my childhood memories probably didn’t happen, at least not in the way I remember them that is.

  2. Sian Gledhill

    I am the oldest of three siblings and I actually did this to my baby sister who is 5 years younger then me when she was little. She thinks she did all of these things that she really didn’t do. Now she knows they are not real but there was a time period where she told all of her friends these crazy stories. On the other hand some of the stories we told her were real and she was just too young to remember fully. For example she used to roll everywhere when she was little so whenever my mum had to leave the room she had to be contained or asleep or she would roll under the table we had our old TV on at the time. She would also escape and try and eat the cereal and raw potatoes in our cabinets.

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