What actually happened when you were little?

We all have our first memory, but most of the time this memory of us at a very young age was in fact not our own. It probably did happen, but do we remember the story of getting our first dog at a young age of two or do we remember because some one told us about that dog? One of my “first memories” was when I was about two and a half I think in my backgarden in England. That part I do remember through the aid of photos and that I moved to America the day before I turned five years old. But my parents always told me that on this day in my backgarden it was very hot and I was out running around with my pet rabbit and guinea pig and they gave me a home made iced lolly to eat. From what I remember I walked around with this iced lolly for about half an hour. My parents noticed it was not getting any smaller so they went up to me and noticed that the cap was not taken off it. So basically I spent half an hour sucking on a cap. The iced lolly was running down my arm too. They always tell me this story because the face I had on when I actually tasted the lolly was so satisfying. But do I remember this memory because of the countless times my mum and and dad tells this story or because I actually do remember it? Chances are no since I was so young but whenever anyone asks me about my first memory I always tell this one. Or the day my family officially moved to America.



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  1. Julie Amanda Stair

    I find this very interesting and I think that we can all relate a little to this. I have many memories of when I was a younger child (under 5) and I’ve always wondered two things about them. One being whether or not they actually happen and the second being if I actually remembered it myself or had help from my parents or grandparents. Being the only child, my family has a lot of vivid memories of me when I was younger and my grandparents had a lot of free time to talk to me about that kind of stuff. Today, my grandmom still tells me stories about my childhood today and sometimes she repeats stories and I’ll say, “Yeah! I remember that!” But the real question is, do I actually remember that or did someone just tell me about it when I was younger.

  2. Jadah A Bird

    The moment Wede talked about this topic in class I was thinking “No way!” the whole time, I totally relate to your post. Flashbulb memories are so intriguing to me. It is completely understandable as well that our sense of smell is the greatest when it comes to memory. I can’t be the only one to suddenly smell something very small but vivid and suddenly be five years old again, with a picture perfect memory in my brain. For instance, this happened the other day, I went to my cousin’t house, whom is 5. She was making a collage, and had this glue called “Mod Podge” or something like that, and then she opened the jar…and VIOLA! i was 4 again, sitting in my pre-school at a tiny table with my grape juice in one hand (with my personal squiggly straw) and a cut out picture of Bubbles from the power puff girls in the other hand ready to glue it down for my collage master piece. How weird is that? I love it so much and these type of flashbulb memories are truly impeccable, I love every second I spend daydreaming and reminiscing about them!

  3. Peter DeMartino

    That was an interesting post, and I definitely can relate to what you’re talking about. I have a lot of “memories” of my childhood, but I’m pretty sure they also come more from pictures or stories of the event. For my 3rd birthday, we threw a party at my house. I have a lot of my friends from preschool, and my mom set up a small basketball hoop. There was a bunch of us running around the basement, and later on we ate some cake. All of these event are in our photo album, so I’m pretty sure I’m just envisioning the party based on the pictures and stories. I wish I could say I totally remember the event, but I guess it’s not the end of the world.

  4. Min Sup Lee

    This was very humorous and interesting post. I, like you, do have a memory that i don’t recall but my parents do. It was when my apartment in Korea was on fire. I don’t remember this happening at all, however, i was on the front page of the newspaper. If i have a slight memory of the event, i would be capable of remembering after looking a picture of me and the location, but looking at the newspaper that my mom still possess, i still don’t recall this moment. Like how Michael Poust have said on the comment above, “this is something that we all experience,” I strongly agree that we all experience this while we were an infant.

  5. Michael Poust

    I enjoyed reading your comment because I can relate to this story exactly. I have several memories of when I was a kid that I can almost turn on and watch like a television in my mind, however there is nothing saying this is a correct memory because of the countless times I have accessed it and the number of times my parents have told me the story, and I am sure they exaggerate to make it less boring. But this is something that we all experience and whether or not its actually a true memory doesn’t matter so much because the memory we have is still special.

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