Sleep Deprivation (Extra Credit)

In class, we touched on sleep deprivation, which pretty much explains my spring semester of this freshman year. Without sleep one can experience fatigue, impaired concentration, emotional irritability, a depressed immune system, and feelings of vulnerability. This semester I have gotten an average of 4-5 hours of sleep every night. I have dance until midnight, and I try to stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning to catch up on work, and then I wake up at 8 am for class. Last semester my classes started at 12:20, so this was never a problem for me. However, this semester sleep has been my biggest enemy. I am extremely awake in the middle of the night, but super tired during the day. I feel like I have experienced many of these symptoms, but I never would have connected it to sleep. I get very emotional now, and get frustrated and irritated very easily even when I know that I have no right to. I just assumed that school was getting harder, and that I just was not mentally there. I never really knew why.  I have experienced many injuries this semester, and have been really sick numerous times. It is a scary thought to think that an average student, my age should be getting nine hours of sleep. That seems so unrealistic in college! I feel guilty for sleeping eight hours some nights! I also pull many all nighters from exams, but I now realize how ineffective that can be. Sleep is very necessary for the body specifically because it helps restore brain tissue and we release growth hormones, which is essential to people my age. The importance of sleep definitely needs to be emphasized more to college students because I know most students, especially freshman experience what I did this semester!

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  1. Julie Amanda Stair

    I completely agree that as college students it is extremely challenging to get a healthy amount of sleep and to keep grades up at the same time. This has affected me a lot last semester because my grades were iffy from freshmen year and I needed to bring everything up so I always focused on my grades and barely slept between clubs and studying. I was really sick for 3 weeks last semester and it was so bad that I couldn’t sleep which made it a lot harder to actually get better! Even this semester being involved with THON I stayed with my org for 26 hours straight (which is nothing compared to the dancers) but those 26 hours of being awake messed up a lot more than my sleeping patterns for weeks after. My body never knew when it was time to eat. I was never hungry at normal meal times, I couldn’t focus in class, I got a cold, but I never knew that lack of sleep could affect me that much in the long run, it’s really scary to think about!

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