Extra Credit – Conformity

Everyone wants to fit in. They will even sometimes break personal rules or morals in order to do that. Conformity is the definition of trying to fit in.

When I was in middle school, I had a group of friends just like everyone else. They were cool guys and I enjoyed hanging out with them on the weekends and at the lunch tables. These were the kids I would cause shenanigans with and just have a good time. However, towards the end of middle school, they started to hang out with their high friends. I didn’t care, a friend of theirs was a friend of mine.

One day I went with my friends to another friend’s house. When I got there, I realized many things: the high schoolers were there and the parents weren’t. I didn’t care about that, I actually felt kind of cool breaking the rules, being a rebel. However, it all got serious when the high schoolers started doing drugs in front of us. Apparently I forgot the memo that said we were doing this. The key word in that was ‘us’.

My friends were hesitant to try drugs but were convinced by the high schoolers to try it. I was scared to do that so I made up some stupid excuse that made me leave. My friends just wanted to fit in and conform to the imaginary standards of their friends. I’m sure if they chose not to do drugs they would still be good friends but unconsciously they felt obligated to partake in them as well. Conformity has helped me by following the pack but sometimes it is quite the opposite.

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  1. Kelsey Eagan

    It’s so sad that kids and teens make bad choices just because other people are doing it. I like to believe that I am not influenced by others and that I make all my own decisions based solely off of my opinions, but I know it’s not true. Some resist to conformity better than others, and it is great that you were able to do that! I am not saying that conformity is always a bad thing, but someone should never make a choice based solely on what the group is doing or what they think is ‘cool’. Decisions should always be made based on your personal morals and opinions.

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