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A phobia is an intense fear of something for no rational reason.  For example, being afraid heights is normal, but avoiding any situation that could raise you up is not normal.

One of my friends back home has a phobia of spiders.  While it’s not to the extent to the woman in the video we watched, she still goes in the other direction when she sees one.  If she knows that ones in the room, she’ll leave until she’s positive that it’s gone

False Memory

A false memory is a memory that you think is real, but actually there is nothing real about the memory.  These can be created by someone else telling you a story that may or may not have actually happened to you in the past but that you do not actually remember.  After hearing this story, your brain creates a “memory” of the event.  This isn’t actually a memory that you had, someone else put it their.

This reminds me of my sister.  Constantly when we were little, she would tell me crazy stories of things that happened to us that I knew had never happened.  Since she did this all the time and I knew these things hadn’t actually happened, I didn’t create a false memory of them, but my sister may have created a false memory of these things happening.


Empiricism is an idea by Aristotle that knowledge is gained through experience.  Everything that a person experiences during their day will somehow affect their behavior.  Anything from a conversation with friends or seeing something horrific changes someone’s behavior.  Also, a person’s surrounding will have an effect on someone’s behavior.

I’ve seen this happen to my sister.  My sister was not very happy for most of her life.  She would get angry very quickly and over the most insignificant things.  For a while we all thought she was just being difficult.  It wasn’t until she was almost through middle school that we realized what the problem was.  The kids at her school were very mean to her.  She couldn’t go through the day without being bullied.  That experience made her lash out very quickly, since she’s the type to defend herself.  Her whole demeanor changed when she went to a high school outside of our district.  Away from all of the bullies and with people who understood her, she became a much happier, easier to talk to person.  By changing her surroundings and experiencing happier people, she changed her behavior.

These are related because my sister’s behavior changed based on the experiences she had in her life.  The environment she was in during middle school was hostile and she had to fight back to feel like she was in control of her situation.  After going to a high school with different people, she was able to relax and be a happier person.  She no longer felt the need to lash out at the littlest things or defend herself in a situation where no one was being mean to her.