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Docunight #65 [Penn State]: Platform

Date: Thursday, March 5th, 2020 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Location: Foster Auditorium, 102 Paterno Library, State College, Pennsylvania 16802


#65: Platform
Directed by: Sahar Mosayebi
2019 / 87 mins
Persian with English SubtitlesA ROCKY-esque tale of determination and grit, PLATFORM follows three Iranian sisters as they compete to become international champions of Wushu, a Chinese martial art. The sisters’ thrilling underdog story explores not only their dedicated training but also their surprising place in society as they challenge traditional gender roles on the path to success.

Nowruz Gala 99

Hello Friends and Residents of the Happy Valley,

We are proud to inform you about the Nowruz Gala, the Persian New Year celebration at Penn State University. We will celebrate our new year on Saturday, March 14th at HUB-Robeson Center, Alumni Hall.

Tickets are available now and you can buy them on Thursday February 27th, Friday February 28th and Monday March 2nd from 2 PM to 5 PM at HUB-Robeson information table #9.
Tickets are $20 for PSU students, $25 for non-PSU students and $40 for General public (Children under 8 are our guests) and tables are assigned on first-come first-serve basis.

(In case you want the poster: Poster Nowruz99)

Tickets are also available on event night at the door for $30 for PSU students, $35 for non-PSU students and $50 for General public.

Feel free to contact us for more information via email to: PSU.ISA@gmail.com

Hope to see you all,
ISA board

Report on General Body Meeting Feb 20th 2020

Dear Friends

First, let us thank you for your enthusiastic attendance on Thursday for the General Body Meeting of ISA for Nowrooz Gala planning and preparation. Here is the report of the meeting for your consideration.

Location: 129A HUB-Robeson Center
Time: Thursday, Feb 20th, 2020 6 PM
Attendance: Approximately 70 people

1. The meeting started with the introduction of the new board to members by the Vice President I, Mehdi, and our appreciation for community collaboration.
2. Then, a brief on the last two General Body Meetings, the last three Board Meetings, and UPAC Funding negotiations have been reported by our President, Kamyar, to the community.
UPAC had sent us a resubmission request almost a month before new board of ISA officers were elected, and unfortunately, the person responsible was not responsive to these notifications. Due to this long delay, our funding application was almost canceled by UPAC. Considering the huge effort the new ISA officers made within a week after re-election, we were able to resubmit the funding request and save our Nowruz gala celebration event. The proposed Agenda for the Nowrooz Gala event was also discussed.
3. After Answering the Questions from the community on the details of the program, (some of them are covered at the end of this report), and the introduction of roles needed for conduction of the event, community people volunteered for collaboration. You can find the volunteers (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bJtAbabhmV8I8acNA7o8bLtiu5A7pD1s3eLL8NWe_jM/edit?usp=sharing) and if interested in collaboration, let us know via email to psu.isa@gmail.com or contact the officer in charge of the tasks.
4. In the end, suggestions for a better event were collected from the community to e discussed in the next Board Meeting.
Some of the Questions and Suggestions are followed:
Q. Why the event will be held on Saturday, not the actual time of Nowrooz on Thursday. A: As we need to hold it on Weekend and people prefer to be in their places at the Nowrooz, contacting their relatives living overseas.
Q. Why don’t we have a singer in this event? A: Due to the changes in ISA Board, lack of time for amending the UPAC Fund application request and emphasizing the cultural aspect of Nowrooz in 25th-year od celebrating this event in State College, the concert is postponed for another event in May.
a. Decreasing the amount of food waste by decreasing the dishes that were not completely eaten last year.
b. Adding a childcare program to the event, at least by giving them gifts from Haji Firooz to let them enjoy the event as well as their parents.
c. Adding a competition to the event for more fun!
d. Changing the time of dinner (earlier than the past)
e. Adding a cleaning time to the schedule after serving the dinner
f. Sending an email to Iranian alumni of Penn State for fundraising (Please let us know your close friends graduated recently in order to contact via email or contact to Khashayar)

In the end, we want to appreciate your support and collaboration again.
Hope to have a great event and a greater new year,

ISA Board

Call for General Body Meeting on Feb 20th

درود به ساکنین دره‌ی شادی!

جشن نوروز سال 1399 ،شنبه 14 مارچ 2020 را در تقویم خود علامت بزنید.
جهت برنامه‌ریزی، هماهنگی و بهبود این جشن، پنجشنبه، بیستم فوریه، با هم همراه خواهیم شد، لطفا با ایده ها ،تجربیات و انرژی خود در این جلسه شرکت کنید.

Mark up your calendar for Saturday, March 14th 2020 as 1399 Norooz Gala celebration.
On Thursday, Feb 20th, we will gather to discuss our preparation plans. Please bring your ideas, your experience, and your energy and join us.

مکان: اتاق 129 ساختمان هاب – زمان: پنجشنبه، 20 فوریه 2020، ساعت 6 بعدازظهر
Location: Room 129A Hub-Robeson Center, State College, PA 16801
Date and Time: Thursday, February 20th at 6:00 PM

ISA Board of Officers

Report on February 9th 2020 General Body Meeting

درود به همه‌ دوستان و ساکنین محترم دره‌ شادی

گزارش مختصری از گفت‌و‌گوهای صورت‌گرفته، تصمیمات گرفته شده، و نتایج جلسه‌ی مجمع عمومی روز یکشنبه، 9 فوریه ارائه می‌گردد.

جلسه با توضیحات بورد قبلی انجمن شروع شده و در مورد مواردی از جمله علت استعفای آفیسرهای‌ قبلی، سیاست‌های حال حاضر انجمن و اساس‌نامه فعلی، هدف‌های انجمن، مبلغ حق عضویت و امتیازات اعضای فعال، عضویت افراد غیر دانشجو، و در نهایت پیشنهادات ارائه شده برای بهبود مشکلات انجمن صحبت شد. در ادامه جلسه، از میان اعضای فعال آفیسرهای جدید توسط انتخابات صورت گرفته انتخاب شدند:

President : کامیار اکبری روشن
Vice President I : مهدی خواجه
Vice President II : الهام حاج‌اسماعیلی
Treasurer: خشایار جعفری
Secretary : علی قزوینیان

لازم می‌دانیم بابت هرگونه آزردگی خاطر و بی‌احترامی‌ صورت‌گرفته در خلال مباحث جلسه از طرف انجمن دانشجویان ایرانی از شما عذر خواهی بکنیم. از دکتر برهان، به عنوان ادوایزر انجمن و‌ کسی که ۲۵ سال برای سرپا نگه‌داشته شدن انجمن تلاش کرده‌اند، برای شرکت در جلسه و زحماتشان صمیمانه تشکر می‌کنیم

لازم به ذکر است که انتخابات مجدد در ماه آپریل برگزار خواهد شد و آفیسرهای جدید از ماه آگوست شروع به کار خواهند کرد. جلسات آینده‌ی انجمن با اعضای فعال نیز متعاقبا اطلاع‌رسانی خواهند شد.

خواهشمندیم سوالات، پیشنهادات و انتقادات خود را با بورد انجمن از طریق ایمیل انجمن در میان بگذارید:



سپاس‌گزار از حمایت و همراهی شما

Important Notice: Report on February 2nd 2020 Meeting

دوستان عزیز و ساکنین محترم دره‌ شادی،

با نهایت تأسف، می‌بایست به اطلاع شما برسانیم که از این حال، به دلیل همکاری کمتر از حد انتظار اعضای فعال انجمن، آفیسرهای انجمن تصمیم به استعفا گرفته و تمامی فعالیت‌های آینده انجمن از جمله جشن نوروز منتفی شدند. این تصمیم نتیجه‌ی جلسه مجمع عمومی روز یکشنبه با آفیسرها و اعضای فعال انجمن بوده و به دلیل حضور کمتر از نصف اعضای فعال انجمن، نظرسنجی و برنامه‌ریزی برای مسائل مهم پیش‌رو و تصمیم‌گیری‌های ضروری غیر ممکن بود.

عدم برگزاری مراسم جشن نوروز علی‌رغم میل باطنی و زحمات بسیار آفیسرهای حال حاضر انجمن باعث ناراحتی‌ست. می‌بایست اعلام کنیم که ٪۷۰ امور مربوط به جشن نوروز (از جمله تدوین و تهیه قرارداد میان دانشگاه با تمامی اجراکنندگان جشن) انجام شده است. منتهی، به دلیل عدم همکاری و حضور کمتر از حتی ٪۴۰ اعضای فعال انجمن، پیگیری امور مربوطه و ادامه‌ی کار غیرممکن بود.

لطفا درصورتیکه انجمن به شما بدهی مالی دارد، پیش از بسته شدن حساب‌های انجمن، تا روز جمعه، ۷ فوریه، مدارک آن را به ما ارسال نمایید. برای ارتباط با ما می‌توانید از آدرس psu.isa@gmail.com استفاده نمایید.

به امید اینکه در آینده‌ای نزدیک، همگی روزهای بهتری را برای ساکنین دره شادی و انجمن ایرانی‌های دانشگاه پن‌استیت شاهد باشیم.

آفیسرهای انجمن دانشجویان ایرانی پن‌استیت

Dear Iranians of Happy Valley,

It is with our greatest sorrow to inform you that effective decidedly, due to lack of participation of ISA members, ISA officers decided to resign and all ISA activities are indefinitely suspended; including this year’s Noerooz Gala. This was a conclusion of an emergency meeting with ISA board and active members on Sunday, Feb 02. With too few active members present, any ISA activity including amending board assignments and preparation for future activities were impossible.

It is a shame not to have ISA activities despite our greatest endeavors to keep on going. As explained in the meeting, duties related to Noerooz gala were down to 70%, including contracts with performers, providers and University-related affairs. However, as after a call for meeting, less than 40% of our members attended, continuing this process seems more difficult than ever.

Before closing the accounts of ISA, you may ask for any owes from ISA, with acceptable documents, untill Friday, Feb 07. We are open to discussion to our community via email to PSU.ISA@gmail.com

Let’s hope for greater days for ISA and Iranian community of State College and Penn State in the future.

ISA Board 2019_20

Docunight #64 [Penn State]: Fight Feast

#64: Fight Feast (بزم رزم)
Directed by: Seyed Vahid Hosseini
2018 / 123 mins
Persian with English SubtitlesFight Feast (بزم رزم) is about the vicissitudinous story of Iranian music between 1979-1989, the years just after the revolution through the end of Iran-Iraq war. The narrative of restrictions and obstacles told by musicians, composers, and state authorities. The confrontation between music and politics. The simultaneous narration of two stories: the story of young people who sacrificed their lives for their homeland, and the story of musicians who on one hand entered the battlefields by their own language and on the other hand kept Iranian music alive and thriving.
Note: As our campus was closed on first Wednesday of January, the documentary introduced on Duconight website for January is going to be shown on first Wednesday of February.