ISA Constitution

Iranian Student Association (ISA)

Date of origin: September 1996



  1. To provide an interactive environment for Iranian students at Penn State
  2. To hold social and cultural programs in order to educate the university community of Iranian traditions
  3. The ISA will remain a non-religious and non-political Defined: non-religious -will not promote nor discriminate any religion or practitioners of any religion. Defined: non- political -will not support nor demote any particular political party in the United States, the Government of Iran, nor any Organization or Political entity in opposition.



Section A: The membership shall be divided into active and associate members.

  1. Active members shall include full-time students currently registered at the University Park campus of the Pennsylvania State University, who agree to abide by the ISA Constitution and pay the club’s annual membership dues. More than half of the active members shall consist of graduate
  2. Associate members shall include all other interested individuals who agree to abide by the ISA Constitution. Associate members shall not hold office, vote, or officially represent the organization.
  3. At all times, there shall be at least 10 active
  4. All voting members must be active
  5. Rights and Responsibilities – All members have the right to attend all ISA functions, meetings, and activities; the successful production of, advertisement, and planning of events will be the responsibility of the members as well as the officers. Members are encouraged to help with as much or as little time as they

Section B: New Membership and Recruitment

  1. Any and all new members will be given full disclosure during recruitment, including but not limited to the disclosure of:
    – The Constitution of ISA
    – A copy of the University Hazing policy, prescribed by Policies and Rules for Student Organizations (This document will be available upon request at the Office of Student Activities).
  2. All members, including but not limited to new members and recruits, reserve the right to refrain from participating in any activities without consequence, based upon personal/religious beliefs, personal values, or moral reserve as defined by the numbers.
  3. Any and all interactions/activities between members will be subject to guidelines stated by the university policy, as well as local, state, and federal

Section C: Membership Removal

  1. The club reserves the right to expel any member who is in violation of the Constitution or policies of ISA. The expulsion process shall proceed as follows:
  • Violation of the ISA Constitution or policy by any member shall be brought to the attention of the
  • Said violation must be recognized by the majority of the officers. In the absence of majority opinion among officers, no further action shall be
  • A single warning shall be given (in writing) by the officers to the violating member before the expulsion decision is
  • In case of a second violation, the ISA officers shall have the authority to expel the violating member from the club. The violating member shall be notified of the removal decision in writing by the ISA
  • Within 30 days of receiving the removal notice, the expelled member can appeal the officers’ decision by requesting (in writing) a review of the said violations, and a vote of active members on the expulsion decision, at a general meeting of ISA members. The outcome based on a majority vote of the active members present in the general meeting shall be final. If no appeal is made by the violating member, the removal decision made by the officers shall be



 Section A: Only active members, who are a full time registered students, shall be eligible to serve as appointed or elected officers.

Section B: The term of office for the officers shall start in April of the current academic year and shall end in April of the following academic year.

Section C: The executive committee is comprised of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  1. The President of ISA shall preside over meetings and is vested the authority to organize the committee, represent the association in official meetings, and to appoint representatives to do so. He/she has the authority and responsibility of conducting the activities of ISA with the consent of
  2. The First Vice President shall assist the President in his/her duties and shall assume the duties of the President in his/her
  3. The Second Vice President shall also assist the President in his/her duties, and shall be responsible for all communications with the Office of Student Activities regarding contracts and other required documents and paperwork related to official ISA
  4. The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence, reports, announcements, and publicity.
  5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining all financial records, collections, and disbursement of funds, and preparation of financial

Section D: In the event that an office becomes vacant, nominations will be taken at the meeting immediately following the announcement of the vacancy. Elections will also be held at this meeting and will follow procedures as listed in Article VIII.



Section A: ISA will meet once per month.

Section B: Time, date, and location of meetings shall be determined by the officers at the beginning of the term, such that they will provide suitable time for all members to take part.

Section C: Special meetings. maybe called by the officers or 1/3 of the active membership. The purpose of the meeting must be stated in the call.

Section D: Except in cases of emergency, at least five days’ notice shall be given to the membership. Members shall be notified for regular and special meetings by the secretary via Electronic mail, telephone calls, or announcements in the previous meetings.



Section A: 50 percent of all active members present shall constitute a quorum for officer elections and amendments.

Section B: 50 percent of the members present shall be the quorum for voting on other issues and decisions.



Section A: All organization funds are to be handled exclusively through the Associated Student Activities (ASA) office.

Section B: The organization will not have an off-campus account.

Section C: ISA has an annual membership fee. The amount of the membership dues shall be determined by the majority vote of active members at a general meeting each year. Payment of the annual dues is required for active membership in ISA.

Section E: All expenses must be approved by the Treasurer at a general meeting.

Section F: The Treasurer shall be responsible for submitting a budget request to the Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC) each spring semester. The yearly budget shall be presented to and approved by the members prior to submission.



Active members shall select an adviser to serve for a term of three years. The adviser shall be chosen from the Penn State faculty or staff, and his/her role will be to advise the organization of relevant issues. This organization must retain an adviser at all times.



Section A: Election of new officers will take place at the April general meeting of ISA each year. Nominations will be sought at the same meeting, but may also be made prior to the meeting.

Section B: In order for the elections to proceed, at least 50% of active members must be present.

Section C: Official candidates shall not be involved in conducting the elections.

Section D: New officers shall take their offices from the next general meeting.  The period between the elections and the next meeting will be the transition period so that new officers become acquainted with the business of the organization, University regulations, and their responsibilities.



Section A: Any changes to the constitution or addition of any amendments may be proposed by a member, and may be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of active members present, provided that 50% of all active members are present at the meeting, and that the proposed change or amendment has been submitted in writing before the meeting.

Section B: All amendments or changes are subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities.



The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Iranian Student Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with this constitution and any special rules of order ISA may adopt.



Copies of this constitution will be available to anyone upon request.

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