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Re-election Results

 نتایج انتخابات و جلسه عمومی

در این نشست، مسئولانی که اخیرا استعفا داده اند، دلایل استعفای خود را بیان کردند.
از اونجایی که نبود داوطلبان در دو سال گذشته چالش برانگیز بوده و فشار بیشتری بر پنج مسئول انجمن گذاشته است. عدم علاقه دانشجویان به فعالیت داوطلبانه در انجمن مورد بحث قرار گرفت، لیکن هنوز به دنبال راه حل برای تشویق دوستان به همکاری بیشتر هستیم. اطلاعات مسئولان جدید در اینجا موجود می‌باشد.

به زودی جلسه عمومی دیگری برای نوروز برگزار خواهد شد.

In this meeting, officers who recently resigned discussed the reasons behind their resignation.
Lack of interest in ISA voluntarily activity was discussed. Counting on volunteers was challenging in the past two years and put more pressure on the five officers of the executive board. How we can encourage people remained unanswered.
You can find new officers information in
Soon another GBM will be arranged for Norooz.

ISA Status & Re-election (reminder)

 وضعیت انجمن و انتخابات مجدد 

درصورتی که علاقه مند به عهده دار شدن یکی از مسئولیت ها هستید، لطفا وظایف هر مسئول را در قانون اساسی انجمن مطالعه بفرمایید و در اینجا تا روز 7 فوریه ثبت نام کنید.
جلسه عمومی برای انتخابات، مشروط بر وجود داوطلب، در روز شنبه 9 فوریه برگزار خواهد شد.
نبود داوطلب برای این سه موقعیت، منجر به تعلیق انجمن و در نتیجه لغو برنامه نوروز خواهد شد.

We have already negotiated with the 25 Band, K-von comedian, and Nomad dancers and submitted the funding proposals. We cannot proceed Nowruz logistics without a full executive board.

If you are interested in running for positions, please read the positions’ responsibilities in the ISA constitution ( and sign up here ( by February 7. A General Body Meeting will be arranged for the election on Saturday, February 9, contingent on having volunteers.
The absence of volunteers for these three positions will lead to ISA suspension and consequently Norooz event cancellation.

Please feel free to contact, if you require any further information.

ISA Elections 2018-2019

Location: 102 Leonhard Bldg, University Park, PA 16802-6815, United States
Date & Time: Monday, May 7,  at 4 PM – 6 PM


Dear all,

As you all know, the current batch of ISA officers will soon retire and we are going to conduct elections for you to take on the reigns for the next academic year. If we want to have an ISA this year (Norouz, Yalda, picnics and all the fun!) we must gather around and elect the officers for the next year, 2018-2019. So, on the next Monday the 7th of May, again please join us for dinner and refreshments and as we review 2017-2018 we cast our votes for new officers for 2018-2019.
Active members, please move mountains if you have to and attend this meeting as we need at least 2/3 of our active members to vote for a constitution amendment that we wish to propose. Also, please RSVP here so that we know beforehand that we will have enough active members.

What?...ISA Elections
When?…Monday, May 7th
Where?…102 Leonhard Building
Is there going to be free food?…Yes, absolutely! Dinner is on us 😉
Should I be there?? I mean it’s summer time I could be anywhere…YES!! This is the one meeting you MUST attend if you are an active member!!.

Hope to see you all then,

ISA officers

Only people who have paid the $20 membership fee prior to an event are considered active members. ISA is a non-profit organization, your membership fees go only towards improving your events. As always any donations to ISA are greatly appreciated.