Tesla’s Model X Has A Bio Weapon Defense Mode Button

In a recent unveiling in Fremont, California, Elon Musk shows all of the new features of Tesla’s new Model X. Priced at $132,000, this electric SUV revolutionizes the technology in advanced luxury cars.

Just sitting in the driver seat of the Model X is a thrill. The panoramic windshield that extends back over your head gives the driver not only a clear view of cars ahead on the road, but passing birds, clouds and aircraft. Drone attack? You’ll see it coming. Normally, a windshield is nothing to crow about. But, again showing the complexity of this vehicle, the sun visors are works of art — swiveling out and locking in place with magnets.

The Model X is loaded with features that just seem beyond the pale of anything the traditional auto industry seemed to care about or would be willing to try. The doors are a key example of this.  The backseat doors open “falcon” style, giving the car a very stylish look while the front doors are designed to open automatically as the owner approaches. The rear seats also sit on pedestals, allowing under-seat storage. This design has always been proposed for custom cars at auto shows, however most major automakers always turn back to their traditional ways. The cherry on top of this pile of amazing features is the biodefense mode activated by a button on the dashboard. This mode pumps up the Model X’s HEPA air filter to maximum level, which Musk claims would be able to get rid of toxins from biological weapons.

All of these new features encompass the idea behind the internet of things that we discuss in class. By automating basic necessities such as opening the car doors, Elon Musk makes the Model X an example of what cars will look like as they become more integrated with the internet of things. Tesla’s Model X is the first of many new cars that will be exploring new technology as it relates to cars.

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1 thought on “Tesla’s Model X Has A Bio Weapon Defense Mode Button

  1. This is very interesting, as cars are one of my finer areas of expertise. Tesla is sure making waves with their out of this word innovations; they haven’t made anything that the average middle or low class citizen would call a typical everyday car. From no engine in the front, to extremely larger console displays that some could argue to be larger than their personal computer, to sleek and stylish lines and curves, Tesla is one of a kind.
    This brings me to my next point, not everybody can afford a Tesla. It is considered luxury, and even then people might opt for a Lexus, Mercedes, or Audi instead. Especially for a new release model X, how many might actually sell off the lot? 5 a year in the west coast? Not to mention that that hefty price tag makes people look away, for me at least.
    All of these new “technologies” that Tesla is implementing is in no doubt a huge game changer in the automobile industry. They can patent it, use on other models, etc. However, we saw a video in class about how hackers can potentially control your entire vehicle, from the steering, down to the brakes, over to the windshield wipers. Do you think that Tesla’s strategy, planning, integration, and development of these new “IoT” features are secure enough to handle things like this? Tesla is not particularly known yet for their top notch technical work, but more for their name and innovations in being different.
    In my opinion, some features just aren’t necessary. Unless you are of great power in the world (like the president in his airplane and limo, which for sure has these features and even more built in), we don’t need biodefense capability in our cars. We just don’t have that standard of living yet.

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