Long Distance Sex with Technology

One of the biggest problems with long distance couples is that they can’t share their love with physical touch. However, these days, thanks to advance technology, they will be satisfied little bit. Here are two technology to touch each other:

Durex fundawear


Durex fundawear is underwear which has sensors to react to mobile phone. When a couple has special application and wear underwear, they can feel partner’s touch. It works that underwear reacts with partner’s application. As a result, they can caress each other. Like video, when they use video call with application, they will be close although their are in long distance.

Second, Lovepalz



Lovers can control their LovePalz devices during a cybersex session by using the LovePalz Web site, which also has a mobile version. A spokeswoman told me that the company is still working on launching a LovePalz iOS app, but progress has been delayed because of the App Store’s restrictions on selling adult-themed content.

The Hera resembles a dildo, while the Zeus is like a sleeker, high-tech version of the infamous Flesh light. The names are also interesting because although ancient Greek deities/husband-and-wife Zeus and Hera were often separated by long distances, that’s because Zeus was off having sex with everyone in the universe besides Hera.



Both toys have multiple pressure and speed sensors that work without buttons and allow partners to feel what each other is doing to them in real time. The devices are waterproof, rechargeable, and are engineered with an air pump and automatic piston. Why, you ask? Well, the air pump means the Hera toy can “get bigger when you are bigger,” as the LovePalz Web site puts it, and the air pump allows the Zeus to “tighten up.” The company ensures users that it has tested the air pump many times to make sure “the speed is ideal and stops when it’s getting too tight,” so there will be no news headlines screaming “LovePalz, the genius of penis explosion.”

In the past, the role of technology is the replacement which people are hard to work. So, it does not care about the emotion part. However, these days, technology tires to approach to satisfy to human’s touch, so that it tries to approach the emotion part. It is a good news for us.


3 thoughts on “Long Distance Sex with Technology

  1. As someone who actually is in a long distance relationship, I’m both intrigued and slightly repulsed by this. I agree with Jonathan’s comment about how this trend would probably gain popularity then die off. I think, although helpful, takes away from the importance of a long distance relationship. I’m not saying long distance is more important than a normal one, but the relationship I have with my girlfriend, I believe, is stronger because we are able to stay faithful despite being tempted by other people. We are also more passionate when we do see each other because of the waiting and knowing at some point we would have to wait again. So for those reasons I would not be interested in something like this.

  2. It’s crazy to think what different apps and technologies are being made today. This is one of those ideas that I feel will be a trend in the sense that it will make a lot of money and die out pretty quickly. That being said, it’s very interesting to think about how much stuff is able to be done online these days, and what it may be like 10, 20, and 30 years down the road.

    I agree with the earlier response in saying that it doesn’t really make sense to me. While it is very innovative and may actually help long distance couples, I don’t believe that it’s as satisfying as personal touch. I am curious to see how the public reacts to this, and also see what kind of innovations will be made in the coming years. Will these companies be able to sustain long-term growth and revenue? We will see.

  3. After reading this article, I have never thought about this technology that helps couples to share their loves through Internet. This technology is incredible, since it enables couples to touch over the Internet because it shows that people can do everything via online. According to the video of Durex Funderwear, it said that this invention has sensors to react to mobile phone, and the couple from video has some reaction with the sensor. However, I think that this invention does not make any sense to me. I understand that inventors want to help couples that are having long distance problem, to satisfy with touching. However, in my opinion, physical touching is truly important for the relationship, and the mobile app cannot accomplish the couple’s perfect satisfaction. Instead of this new technology, it would be better to have an idea that is related to having less hours of tour of long distance rides. Therefore, couples that have to stay a long distance can meet often.

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