Finally, a workstation that lets you work while lying down!

We’ve been told for a few years now that sitting down at a desk all day could lead to an early grave, with plenty of body pain before that, too.

While standing desks are growing in popularity, even they can be hard on the joints after a while, suggesting the ideal solution is to mix things up throughout the day to keep all your parts moving and active.

The company behind the latest and possibly most intriguing addition ever to the workstation market believes it has all bases covered, though its creation doesn’t come cheap. Starting at $3,900, the Altwork Station is an all-in-one standing/sitting/reclining contraption that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern-day dental surgery.


Imaginatively designed, the station offers a variety of working positions, each obtainable with a simple press of a button on a keypad built into the station’s small desk-like surface. Additional adjustments can be made via a series of levers, or simply by handling the station’s various movable components.

Altwork Station’s four positions are Sit, Stand, Collaborate, which closely resembles the still-common working position, and Focus, which allows you to recline.

Focus is the most interesting of the four positions, as the entire system tilts backwards, taking your laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse with it. The first time you do this, you may catch yourself screaming in terror thinking all your gear’s about to come crashing onto your head.

Altwork has of course thought of that, though you might want to leave your coffee on a side table when you hit that recline button. While sturdy clamps take care of your laptop and monitor, your mouse and keyboard are kept in place with the help of attachable magnets, though of course they’re not so strong as to hinder the smooth and easy movement of the mouse.

5 thoughts on “Finally, a workstation that lets you work while lying down!

  1. It looks so very comfortable. I think that working efficient comes from the body relaxation. Hard chair is not good for back health. However, this desk can transform any types of pose, so that it can make body relaxation and increase working efficient. I think that control is easy too. User push the button on the desk.
    But, it has two problems. First, when the desk leans, the stuffs on the table have the possibility to fall down. It is comfortable to work, lying back, but it is hard to manage stuffs. For example, when user uses computer, lying back, user have to fix keyboard one hand, and use the mouse the other hand. If the desk contains put down an antislip mat or prevention of slipperiness technology, it will be more useful. Second, it is hard to understand the price. Even considering all of advantages, it is still expensive. If the company still wants to release the desk with $3,900, they should makes several different versions such as cheaper and expensive one, or exclusive one.
    Still, even the disadvantage, I want to buy and use it.

  2. I think that this product is truly amazing. The adjustability of the workstation is so cool and I truly believe that this is the workstation of the future. I think between now and then there will be lots of refinements to this workstation and it will be many years until you see a practical application of this product. Really the only thing that is holding this product back is the price. however, as more and more competitors enter the market I am sure that the $3900 price point will also begin to fall. The other thing that is holding this product back is that it is truly a necessity it does not help you get more work done you could really do the same work at a simple desk that you could do on this work station. I think that we will start seeing these in companies such as google and apple that mare very modern and successful and trying to be the drivers of creativity and user interface and they will claim that the workstation allows their employees to better complete their work. Even tho I don’t buy into it I think that this is a truly amazing idea and we will continue to see many things like this implemented in our lives.

  3. I believe that this seems like a possible solution to improving posture and helping focus while working. However I also see a lot of negative impacts that this will have. These chairs are designed for people who work with computers for a good portion of the days. The chairs are supposed to help improve concentration, imagination, and posture.
    My main concern for this is that these chairs, when in the reclined position, can promote the need for sleep and increase the likelihood that you will fall asleep while working. Also, if anyone of you have every seen Wall-E, you can imagine that it is only a matter of time before the chair starts to move you around as a unit.

  4. Since I am person who always dreams to do task while lying down, this new technology sounds interesting for me. I would like to try this innovation once. This Altwork Station has multiple functions such as standing, sitting, and reclining contraption. However, I still doubt that this workstation will bring people concentration on their works. It is so comfortable to focus on what they have to do. If this article focuses on how this innovation affects human’s concentration on their work instead of its functions, it will make people buy. Furthermore, I do not think that $3,900 price tag is not enough practical.

  5. This is an interesting innovation, but I don’t know how practical it is especially with a $3,900 price tag. I do agree that the focus position is the most interesting out of the four positions. It may be better on the joints and back than standing or sitting all day, but I do not think that laying down is good for the body either.

    I think the most important thing is to see studies done on productivity while sitting in a reclined position versus being in a standing or ordinary sitting position. If productivity increases in a reclined position then I can see products like these becoming more common, but again this is not practical at $3,900.

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