Walking House: moving home takes on a whole new meaning

April 2, 2009, for anyone who has wanted to get away from it all without leaving the comforts of home Dutch design group N55 has just the thing – a walking house. Consisting of a basic module measuring 3.5m high by 3.5m wide and 3.72m long the walking house can cover a decidedly leisurely 60m an hour on its six insect like legs.


Each of the unit’s six legs works as an autonomous unit with its own accumulators and linear actuators. When it walks three legs are always on the ground to provide the necessary stability on all sorts of terrain. The designers say the house was constructed to move at a pace similar to human speed because, ‘walking often helps a person concentrate their thoughts and creates a mental state that enforces mobility of the mind,’ which suggests that anyone feeling stressed could benefit from getting out and taking the house for a walk.

Equipped with the basic systems for maintaining everyday life for a maximum of four persons, the house could easily be scaled up for larger family structures. Furniture is an integrated part of the structure and the module can be constructed from numerous materials. It is based on a framework made of steel, aluminum or wood and can be covered with steel, aluminum, wood or even semi- permeable textiles. Windows are made of polycarbonate and insulation could be anything from thin plates of Polyethylene to wool while the rear of the modules opens up to form a stair that functions as an entrance. The modular design means that several Walking Houses can even be added together to form a ‘Walking Village’ for transient workers.



For the environmentally conscious moving house dweller the Walking House also features solar panels and micro windmills to collect energy and there is a system for collecting rain water as well as a system for solar heated hot water. A small greenhouse unit can be added to the basic living module, to provide a substantial part of the food needed by the inhabitants and a composting toilet system allows sewage to be disposed of. The designers say a small wood burning stove could be also added to provide CO2 neutral heating.

It also sounds like the designers are looking to start a revolution challenging the concept of land ownership. According to their website manifesto that the Walking House requires no permanent use of land and thereby challenges ownership of land and suggests that all land should be accessible for all persons. Society could administrate rights to use land for various forms of production of food for example, but ownership of land should be abolished.” They go on to say that ‘Walking Houses should be owned by all persons in common and used by the persons wanting to live in them.” Long live the revolution!

Anyone who thinks that the designers are a bit wacky and need to get out and take their house for a walk should check out the video below of the Walking House taking its first baby steps. Who said the wheel was one of mankind’s greatest inventions?

Reference: http://www.gizmag.com/walking-house-n55/11380/

4 thoughts on “Walking House: moving home takes on a whole new meaning

  1. I think that the moving house is an interesting concept however I can’t picture many people making a walking home their permanent place of residence. They’re rather small and would be very crowded if you decided to have a couple of friends over. While it is pretty neat that you can actually move the walking home to wherever you want it moves at such a slow pace that it would take an inconvenient amount of time to get there. I am also curious as to how you drive or steer a walking home. Would you need to have a drivers license to drive a walking home or can anyone steer it?

  2. I agree with commentator with establishing some sort of place of residence for this house for means of taxation via the government and also to locate it for mailing and other random needs. A avenue I see this invention being extremely profitable is the market for people who have lost a house and need temporary housing but perhaps at a smaller price through there insurance company for by themselves if funded independently. It would also lack security from thieves as well as just violent criminals in general so location would be fundamental to not comprise the users safety. I do love the complexity of this invention and yet its simplicity and rawness make it so unique. I’d like to see what creator could do in terms of customization for those who have a unique purpose and climate in mind for this invention. I think the great house unit option is a fantastic way to promote this inventions eco-friendliness for those consumers who are looking to purchase in an environmentally friendly means of shelter. This could also be a possible great use for those who’ve lost homes in natural disaster with the correct funding to establish mass quantities of these to suit the needs of those who’ve face tragedy.

  3. Although this invention seems cool; however, from my perspective, there are always pros and cons. Walking house might help those people who cannot afford a real house, to provide a place that can be a temporary shelter. Plus, due to the long legs of the waling house, it could also prevent us from flooded.

    But I noticed there are a few problems that should be aware of. First of all, people who owns a walking house, should still have a permanent address (a real estate). Or else the mailing would be totally a mess because we can’t even accurately locate the right position of a walking house, and besides, it keeps moving. Secondly, walking house might only be used in rural area where there aren’t so many traffic like big cities. Since walking house walks in a pace like human beings, it will definitely block the street and cause traffic, accidents and so on. Last but not least, parking place for the walking houses is also a huge problem. Nowadays, we already have few parking places for cars, not to mention a tremendous moving object like this.

    So, as we are surprised that technology is ever-changing, don’t forget that new inventions only bring us convenience, they also bring us problems that remain to be solved.


  4. Though I’m not so sure the intention of this design, I think this is really interesting and cool moving house! I have seen many fascinating moving houses with normal wheels but never ever really seen a house with this kind of moving way. For sure, this one is the most amusing and new one to me. Safety is not a big concern since it moves in a really slow speed. The most important concern is whether it is going to be filed a complaint by landowner or neighbors. Is it stable and comfortable enough for human to live in or stay at? Though in any ways, I believe it really can provide people a different experience of moving and living.
    I personally guess that this innovation also can extend its usage in commercial or environmental protection field.

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