Saying Goodbye to the Selfie Stick and Hello to the AirSelfie

The iconic term ‘selfie’ was made famous when Apple integrated a front facing camera into the iPhone, thus allowing anyone with a phone to snap a photo of themselves anywhere and anytime.  Moving forward, iPhone users were introduced to a large, cumbersome pole that would allow the user to take selfies from a farther distance and from whatever angle best suited their good side.  This innovative device is known as the selfie stick, and since its creation has become a running joke to walk around with in public due to its glaringly obvious use.  A small startup company out of the UK is currently challenging this idea with a creative phone case for any iPhone or Android that holds a mini-drone that will take your selfies for you.

AirSelfie Holdings wants to show the world that a drone attached to the back of your phone can easily take your picture without any contact with the phone, providing the user with a high quality photo that appears to be taken by someone else.  This drone is stored in the back of a phone case that can easily fit in the user’s pocket to allow for easy use in any situation that warrants a selfie with friends or family.  The drone itself weighs less than 52 grams and is encased by an aluminum body that houses the four powerful brushless motors, a 5 megapixel HD camera, and the latest drone hardware.  The AirSelfie can stay in the air for about 3 minutes, allowing for many opportunities to take pictures on only one charge from the USB port.  In order to take the picture, the user just has to use the AirSelfie app on their phone to move the drone into the optimal angle for the picture.  After the right spot is found, the user can set the timer and join the group for the picture as the drone autonomously stays in flight, holding its own position in the air.

This incredible invention utilizes many different aspects of drone and micro HD camera technology, while at the same time providing the user with a fun, useful, and compact phone accessory.  I believe that this is an innovative invention because it uses the latest in hardware and software to easily be able to provide the user with a reliable and social tool for capturing memories.  The AirSelfie has already crowdfunded over $400,000 for their idea, proving that drone technology does not have to be overly complicated or just for hobbyists.  Inventions such as this are only the beginning to the individual use of mini drones in everyday life.




1 thought on “Saying Goodbye to the Selfie Stick and Hello to the AirSelfie

  1. First of all, I have to say this device is really amazing. the widespread use of this device would free our hands and get more interesting shots. However, to me, the widespread use of this device is still idealistic due to its affordability. the price could be a big problem. this reminds me the Project Ara phone by Google, a modular smartphone using different components. the project is recently ends due to high competition all over the world. In some countries, like China and India, a smartphone is only $25. It’s almost impossible to lower the cost for Google. As Moore’s Law referred, I believe that the cost would be lower for things like this. I feel this could be a good complement for Project Ara. Maybe in the future, When Google revive the Project Area, that would be a opportunity for Airsefie.

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