Air Power? Renewable energy upgraded


        Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Technology is widespread, over a third of the globe uses the internet, and most of those users have smartphones and laptops. These devices run off of wifi, wavelengths and frequencies in the air that connect devices to the internet or to each other. The article is interesting because it states that a company is going to use the wavelengths already present amongst us as fuel to power and charge internet devices. This is a very futuristic idea but it is one that professionals expect to see in 2-3 years. Most devices if not all charge on a battery, if you don’t have a battery, your device needs to be plugged into a power source, limiting mobility, but not with this idea. Transferring  power wirelessly reportedly uses 1/1000 of a normal power supply, not only ,making wireless powering, more efficient, but also lowering energy uses to help preserve the environment. I am excited to see how this new technology plays out and how the technology market will change because of this new innovative gadget.

        In addition to being a better energy saver, wifi connected devices are expected to have longer range than the average bluetooth and cellular powered gadgets. This would be very good news for consumers since there losing signal and weak signal is a big complaint amongst cell phone users including myself. One may think that this is all too good to be true but to add to the excitement, the chips that developers would use to connect via wifi are extremely cheap to make, some estimate less than a dollar per device. What are the drawbacks? The article states no major cons, but I believe that this may affect consumer health. For the same reason why many people revert to not keeping their cell phones in their pockets because of frequency harm to many users’ thighs, Strengthening a wavelength signal and having it present everywhere we go could cause safety issues.

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  1. Technology use is already huge in our world, and is only going to continue to grow at super fast rates. With that being said, more and more devices will be connected to the internet. The idea of wirelessly powering devices is extraordinary. All the wavelengths of the millions of devices would leave for a plethora of energy that can be harnessed to power devices. This convenience could have the potential to be of great use to people. If a person’s phone dies and they are in need of medical attention or are in danger, then they might not get the help they need. If they were able to use the wavelengths, then they could power their device and use it to get that help. Also, the idea is pretty cost effective relative to the cost of other technology that needs to be charged by getting plugged into the wall. the idea is feasible and hopefully will be in use in the next few years.

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