DNA Appstore? How far will we go?



          A DNA app store will be able to tell users more about their health issues, history, and cures for their health problems. Medical technology has advanced so much so that we can do and fix just about anything with the help of technology. The extent to where a machine knows our DNA is crossing the line however. Information is always stored, regardless of if an icon pops up on your phone or computer notifying you that you deleted certain files, it’s not forever deleted. Many times, your information is stored on servers across the world in order to benefit advertisers and large corporations. If we purchase an Easy Bulb, the system that allows us to control our lights or temperature from home, it’s a very useful tool. But this also gives advertisers information about us, mostly they will know when we leave the house. And this is part of the Internet of things, which we learned is very insecure. So what if a hacker was able to hack into that system, they would know when a the user is not at home, and can proceed to rob that house. The same concept applies to this DNA technology, if this gets into the wrong hands, it would not be good for the users, who’s to say it’s already not in the wrong hands in the first place though?

          Our information is just floating around the internet, almost free for everyone to take and use, all as a result of human beings being lazy, as described by Nicholas Carr in his book: “The shadows, technology can be of use and assistance, but it should not take over our lives, however that seems to be where the road of technology is heading. It may benefit us now, but not in the long run.” Having DNA on the internet also may make the physical user themselves, part of the internet of things. There are already apps out there like Google maps that can basically track your location and let you know how to get to your intended destination, but this app might physically be able to put you on the map like the rest of technology, to the point where each person has an assigned IP address like any other device. Advertisers and the government would know exactly where you would be at any given time. This is Hollywood coming to life.


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  1. I find this to be a great article. I agree with you when you that our information is just out and about floating, ready for anyone to take advantage of. Though its great that our technology is evolving, it also make us a great hazard to people who want to rob us of our valuables at home. The fact that theres a possibility of a DNA app store is almost scary. Simply because hacking isn’t uncommon, nor is it all too difficult/time consuming to do if someone really wanted to access your information.

    Though it may be beneficial for people who aren’t organized with their health records and keeping track of everything, they will inevitably be targeted. Because of this there should be policies set in place. Also, of course the privacy policy for this app store will have to include warnings and user agreements to possible information breaches,

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