Finding a Solution Our Battery Problem

As today’s technology world continues to grow at continually increasing rates, our lives continue to be integrated with computer software and hardware that helps to make our lives easier and more efficient.  Newer technology defies the bounds of what we though was possible just 20 years ago and this trend does not seem to want to stop, but these innovations will soon run into an unavoidable issue.  Many of the new smartphones and tablets are so complex and run on more powerful computer hardware and software than that which put a man on the moon.  Besides incredible software, these devices require an abundant amount of power that today’s batteries cannot keep up with, thus limiting their abilities to a battery charge.  Most batteries that are used in any smartphone or tablet are lithium ion batteries, which seem to be reaching their peak in the amount of energy that can be made available for a substantial amount of time. Not only are these lithium ion batteries inefficient in containing energy for a long time period, but they are easily damaged and tend to degrade quickly if not used with extreme care.  In addition to both of these issues, existing batteries run off of chemical potentials created from toxic chemicals that, when disposed of, are very harmful to the environment.

In order to levy these issues, Dongxu Optoelectronics, a Chinese based company,  is creating a battery called G-King that they believe to be the future of the energy industry. This company has created a battery that is graphene based and can store up to 4800 mAh and can recharge in about 15 minutes.  Graphene is a revolutionary material that is a one atom thick layer of carbon atoms and is created by unfolding carbon nanotubes, to put it simply.  Graphene has incredible properties when it comes to electrical conductivity, overall strength, and durability.  This combination of properties gives the G-King the ability to surpass lithium ion batteries in all categories.  The battery is claimed to be able to sustain 3,500 recharges, which we all know is incredibly more than any of our iPhones, tablets, and laptops are capable of.

While this idea has the possibility to rule out lithium ion batteries and put us on the track towards a more sustainable future, Graphene continues to be extremely difficult to manufacture and incredible expensive.  This limitation could curb this idea and delay the release of the G-King and batteries similar to it.  If Dongxu Optoelectronics can find a way to bring this idea to life, then the advancements that it could add to our technological world are endless.



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