Orion: the journey to space

NASA along with its contractors have built some amazing space transportation system which carried humans to space. The spacecrafts which were used to build the ISS and to take astronauts to and fro ISS, the commons module during Apollo launches, the lunar lander for Apollo.

But if we look at the concept of capsule for example the command module of Apollo, used to land on water for recovery. The new tech thatNASA has built, the Orion can even land on ground with inflatable surfaces that allows smooth and safe landing. The earlier capsule could only carry 3 astronauts but since the evolution of technology we have seen a very vast growth which has allowed Orion to carry 4-6 astronauts. It can take humans to deep space like Mars and asteroids and even beyond. It runs on complete solar energy and is way more advanced in terms of operation as compared to previous years tech. It’s all because of so many tech evolutions that’s have been combined together to produce an amazing technology to create a better future.


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