New Gesture Technology Allows You to Change Channel With Any Object

It was just recently announced that new gesture technology has emerged that will allow users to use any object to change the channel/ control their TV. A group of researchers from Lancaster University introduced this new phenomena earlier in October at an IST conference in Quebec City.

The name for the technology being introduced by the researchers is called “Matchpoint” technology. All you need to use the technology is a small webcam. The webcam is able to display moving targets that each correspond to a certain TV function. These functions include volume, menu, channels, etc. Instead of trying to identify a particular body part like your fingerprint or hand, the technology allows you to synchronize any body part to control the functions.

Due to the programs ability to identify multiple types of body parts, you do not have to calibrate anything like an IPhone using your fingerprints, making it a much more flexible system. Although the system was introduced with use for TV screens, it can be used for other screen platforms as well. This includes things such as Youtube videos or streaming websites such as Netflix.

This new “Matchpoint” technology will revolutionize the way we control our viewing screens in the upcoming years.

New Device Helps Police With Car Chases


Canton, GA police have recently discovered a safe and efficient way to pursue car chases. The device is called ” Deployable Starchase, LLC GPS ” . This new instrument is used to detect where cars are by using GPS technology. This device is placed on the front police cruisers and is projected out onto the back of a suspects car. Sources say that they tested this device in a real life case-scenario on October 22nd during a traffic stop; it worked perfectly. The objective of this device is to safely catch getaway cars without having to put citizens in the middle of dangerous high speed car chases and most importantly preventing drivers from fleeing the scene.

The company, StarChase, has introduced this new technology for the advancement of high speed chases for police. The primary goal of this company is to empower police officers and help them catch suspects with this new technology.

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The Worlds First Robot Citizen

Becky and Sophia Selfie

Sophia is a humanoid robot, which means that she is able to is able to speak with emotional intelligence, she has human-like features which include blinking, smiling and sadness. She doesn’t have legs and cant move but this didn’t keep her from becoming the first robot citizen of Saudi Arabia. She was developed by Hanson Robotics to live with humans. You might remember her from the time that she said she would destroy humans but recently she spoke in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. This isn’t her first big public speaking event. She has spoken on the Tonight Show and at numerous conferences around the world. She was designed so that over time she would learn from the people around her and that in time she would be able to uphold conversation with real people. As she continues to travel her intelligence emotional stability continues to grow stronger. As of right no she can show limited emotions such as happiness by raising her eyebrows and showing her teeth as well as sadness by furrowing her eyebrows and frowning.

The goal of the company is to create more A.I like Sophia and join her in a humanoid family and eventually a society. This means that in our lifetime we could see humanoids like Sophia teaching our children, delivering our news in the morning or even driving our cars. The age of living android is among us.

Amazon Will Sell you Phones Discounted if you Watch Advertisements

LG has teamed up with Amazon Prime, offering 4 different smartphones at a discount price for customers who will see advertisements on their lock screen. Amazon has already teamed up with Motorola, Alcatel, and Nokia but LG is the first high quality phone company to be included in this program.

Known as Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phone program, phones are usually discounted around $60 less than what they are usually. This does mean that the consumer would have to look at ads on their lock screen, but for good quality phones many people are viewing this program as a win.

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New Artificial intelligence algorithm fools Captcha security check

Captcha imageComputer scientists have developed artificial intelligence that can outsmart the CAPTCHA website security check system. A CAPTCHA (an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. The technology was originally developed as an anti-spam measure by a team at Carnegie Mellon University. Researchers developed an algorithm that imitates how the human brain responds to these visual clues.
The neural network could identify letters and numbers from their shapes.
The research, conducted by Vicarious – a Californian artificial intelligence firm funded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – is published in the journal Science.
In 2013, Vicarious announced that it had cracked text-based Captcha tests used by Google, Yahoo, PayPal and with a 90% accuracy.
Since then, Captcha designers have made their tests more difficult to beat, but the researchers said in their new paper that the software was now able to pass Google’s reCaptcha test 66.6% of the time.
The RCN software was also able to solve reCaptacha tests from Captcha generator BotDetect at a 64.4% success rate, Yahoo Captchas at a 57.4% success rate and PayPal at a 57.1% success rate.
I feel the Two-Factor Authentication system, which is also used by our Penn State Login System, for employees, can be the best alternative for the Captcha system, since I couldn’t figure out any way of hacking this system. It might be time-consuming, as you’ll have to answer the call through your mobile or use the passcode sent to your mobile. What do you think? Is there any way of getting through this Two-Factor Authentication System?

Amazon to pick second headquarters

Amazon is making a $5 billion decision, one that has cities in contention salivating over the prospect of being able to provide 50,000 jobs. Amazon picking a second headquarters is a move that will prove to be a boost economically for the city that is chosen, but I think it’s even crazier to put into perspective just how influential this company has become. The article alludes to major key ways–aside from the jobs increase–that the addition of this HQ will have on the city chosen.

The impact that stood out most to me was that the city selected will have the tough realization of knowing that housing prices within the area are going to increase, something that is evidenced by Amazon’s current HQ Seattle. Currently, housing prices in Seattle are rising more than anywhere else in the country, which goes to show the effect that this company has. It’s worth mentioning that Amazon’s impact on Seattle’s economy has been positive, adding $38 billion from 2010 to 2016.

Seattle was at one point one of the west coast’s most affordable cities to live in, something that is now far from the case. I can only imagine what the impact would be if the city selected was New York or Los Angeles, I’m not sure I would like to be chosen if I was either of those cities. It already costs a lot to live there, and the traffic is already pretty bad in both areas. What are your opinions?

Walmart Starts to Use Robots Now In Retail Stores

Walmart has announced that they are beginning to use self-scanning robots in over 50 locations around the country. These machines will check inventory, prices, and items that aren’t in the right place.

Robots are already common in major companies especially in their warehouses, but not many retail locations. This is a huge step for a company like Walmart, making these tasks that are time consuming for employees to be completed in a timely manor.

One major issue with the use of these robots in a settling like Walmart is the thought of many employees losing their jobs to the robots, but Walmart has assured that wont be the case. They claimed that, “the robots’ introduction won’t lead to job losses, and that the company wants to save employees from carrying out tasks that are repeatable, predictable, and manual”. Will this really be the case? What will all these employees now take on in the workplace?

Below is the video of how these robots will work in store:

Vincent, James. “Walmart Is Using Shelf-Scanning Robots to Audit Its Stores.” The Verge, The Verge, 27 Oct. 2017,

Amazon’s New Delivery Service!

On November 8th Amazon will be introducing a new service where packages can be delivered directly inside your house. Consumers worry about their packages being stolen while sitting in front of their house but with this new service the fear no longer exists. Amazon will be utilizing trustworthy and background checked employees to deliver. For this new service to exist Amazon is launching Amazon Key starting at $249. Amazon Key sends a text to the recipient of the package which allows them to virtually unlock their door for the delivery man through an encrypted server. Upon this activation a video camera is then triggered which records the whole transaction for the customer to watch live or later. With the launch of this new product Amazon will be showcasing its cutting edge technology and the reason why they stay on top. Amazon Vice President of delivery technology, Peter Larsen says “Amazon is really focused on safety and security for all of our customers across the board”.

Tech Giants Using Funds to Help Hurricane Victims

As many people are aware of at this point, Puerto Rico has not been having things go well for them recently. After two major hurricanes ravaged the area, there was a time where the entire island was without power. Now months after the storms have passed, progress is being made. The latest estimate is that approximately 25% of the island has power. Some of the most important places happen to be hospitals.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently donated enough solar panels and electrical grids in order to restore power to a Puerto Rico Children’s Hospital. This hospital, in particular, has many permanent residents and serves around 3000 children alone.

Now while this is only one small feat for an island that was essentially destroyed there are much bigger implications within this. Tesla is a major tech company and is one that currently was willing to donate enough panels in order to get this hospital back to functioning order. If you look at pictures, they are located on the ground rather than the ceiling. This can be good in the event of future storms because they are much less likely to be blown away. It could cause problems for flooding, but many panels are designed to withstand rain. Tesla is also hinting that this isn’t the end of their partnership to help restore power in this energy crisis.

That gives me hope. Major companies are taking their time, efforts and money in order to help a United States territory. They are using their resources are tech agents in order to bring restoration and get everyone connected again. In this time, technology is almost the pinnacle of everything; without it, there is a significant loss in communication. We lose communication in terms of the weather, reaching out to family and seeing what is ongoing in the world. The restoration of electricity allows for the startup of technology as a whole to be restored and allows people to continue the limitless connections that technology brings.



Welcome Shelf Scanning Robots

Walmart has introduced shelf scanning robots into 50+ Wal-Mart stores across the country. They are gray, rolling boxes that are two feet tall. The devices will be able to report unsold items, missing items, and misplaced items. The robot will also be able to report if an item is not priced correctly. This information will then be sent to an employee who is responsible for re-stocking the items. But it’s not like Wal-Mart will be firing tons of employees. These devices are used to supplement the headcounting done by the human employees. What’s great about these robots is that they can work at all times, while the human employees only work a portion of the day. The implementation of these robots was due to keeping up with the retail giant, Amazon. They also have their own robots. What’s different about Amazon and Wal-Mart is that Amazon uses the robots to speed up the logistics and shipping process. Wal-Mart will use these robots to obtain accurate information and pass the information on directly to a worker.

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